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Do Your Nonprofit Stories Really Inspire?


Great storytelling is at the heart of nonprofit fundraising and marketing. How good are yours?

Drama, Context, Heroes
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs Spotlight10

Need a Year-End Fundraising Makeover? Try the 6 Rules of Persuasion

Your end-of-year fundraising is too important to be left up to chance. Use these 6 principles of persuasion to make your messages hit their mark.

How to Raise the Kind of Money Your Nonprofit Desperately Needs

What works better than a capital campaign? Capacity capital will support the sustainability of your nonprofit.

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Join the Visual Marketing Party

Are you prowling your nonprofit with your smartphone, snapping informal, candid images? It's really that easy to generate great visuals for your social content marketing.

Best Links: YouTube Lessons, Older Donors Go Digital, Winning Women

Best nonprofit blog posts for the week of 8/4-10, 2014. My favorites are "Should Nonprofits Give Up on Facebook? and what we can learn from young YouTube Stars.

What Is an Annual Fund?

The annual fund still earns its keep in nonprofit fundraising. Research shows that it plays a big part in charities reaching yearly fundraising goals.

Easter Seals Email Appeal Uses Quiz to Engage Donors

The Easter Seals got me involved with a quiz through its email fundraising appeal. The quiz overcame my inertia so that I was much more likely to donate.

What Should You Put on Your Nonprofit Website?

Expand your ideas about what you should put on your nonprofit's website. Here are ideas and a bundle of examples from leading nonprofit organizations.

Best Links: New Giving App, Monthly Giving Calculator, Micro-Content

My picks of the best nonprofit blogs for the week of 7/22 - 7/29, 2014. Info about fundraising, content, and social media.

How Do I Set Up a Board for My New Nonprofit?

When should a new nonprofit form a board of directors? Before incorporation or after? Who should you consider for your first board?

How Can I Incorporate My Nonprofit in New York State Without Spending a Lot?

Can a new nonprofit incorporate inexpensively in New York State? Here are some things to consider.

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