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Do Your Nonprofit Stories Really Inspire?


Great storytelling is at the heart of nonprofit fundraising and marketing. How good are yours?

Drama, Context, Heroes
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs Spotlight10

What Should You Put on Your Nonprofit Website?

Expand your ideas about what you should put on your nonprofit's website. Here are ideas and a bundle of examples from leading nonprofit organizations.

Best Links: New Giving App, Monthly Giving Calculator, Micro-Content

My picks of the best nonprofit blogs for the week of 7/22 - 7/29, 2014. Info about fundraising, content, and social media.

How Do I Set Up a Board for My New Nonprofit?

When should a new nonprofit form a board of directors? Before incorporation or after? Who should you consider for your first board?

How Can I Incorporate My Nonprofit in New York State Without Spending a Lot?

Can a new nonprofit incorporate inexpensively in New York State? Here are some things to consider.

Donor Retention and Organizational Culture

Donor retention is not just about systems for thanking and communicating. It is closely linked to a certain organizational culture, a charismatic one.

5 Ways to Sabotage Your Nonprofit Mission Statement

Too many mission statements only mean something to the people inside the organization, rather than speaking to its supporters.

Guide to Volunteer Opportunities Online

It has never been easier to volunteer. Just let your fingers do the searching with these online volunteer matching services.

Before You Incorporate as a Nonprofit - Pros and Cons

Is your nonprofit organization trying to decide whether to incorporate or not? Here are the advantages and disadvantages to taking that step.

Best Links: Triggered Emails, Social Media Profiles, #GivingTuesday

Here are my picks of the nonprofit blogs for July 7-14, 2014.

When Should I Call a Foundation?

Is it a good thing to call a foundation? The answer is an emphatic yes. Here's when to do it.

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