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Joanne Fritz

A Wikipedia for the Rest of Us

By June 11, 2008

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Kudos to the Meyer Memorial Trust for its brave new project, connectipedia.

Yesterday we wrote about the proliferation of nonprofit organizations, so it is appropriate that today we can point to a solution to a problem created by the rapid growth of the nonprofit sector: information overload.

More organizations, more people, more need...how do we stay on top of it? connectipedia is one way. Unlike Wikipedia, its similar, and crazily successful cousin, connectipedia is not an archive of articles, but a collection of links pointing us to people, places, and things that might be helpful as we look for information, like-minded colleagues, programs like ours, and sources of funding.

What makes this resource different from other lists of resources on the Internet? It is built by its users. We can all contribute, edit, leave a cracker trail to information that was helpful to us...we can even contact each other from within connectipedia using the handy, dandy email function.

connectipedia is all about the democratization of knowledge, the wisdom of crowds, the connected mind, web 2.0, and more. It is cutting-edge to say the least.

Visit now, read the user's guide (very useful sample user stories help us grasp how we might use connectipedia), sign up (it's free), and start connecting.


June 17, 2008 at 12:48 pm
(1) Jeff Mascornick says:

Another great article. Thank you. The connectipedia project is exciting and I encourage anyone who reads this to check it out and think about the implications it has for all of us and the work we do – and the value of the “democratization of knowledge.”

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