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Best Links: Twitter Stumble, Stewardship Case Study, Mobile Email

By March 1, 2011

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The Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Sandra Sims recently published the February Carnival with a trove of posts on nonprofit jobs. Read how a lot of us got started in the nonprofit world as well as tips about how to survive there.

Meanwhile, the March Carnival is calling for submissions. Katya Andresen is the host and the theme is "the good, bad, and ugly." Get all the fun details and see what you can do at Call for posts on the theme of "good, bad and ugly". Special points for mentioning "Clint Eastwood" or "Blondie." How about that for a challenge?

Fundraising and Social Media

Lisa Sargent, guru of donor stewardship, delivers a case study of how CARE says thank you and welcome in her monthly newsletter. See her How CARE Can Help You Fine-Tune Your Communications Plan for New Donors. Sargent says, "In late October I sent a donation to CARE in response to its "I Am Powerful" campaign to end female genital cutting. (Strong language, plain English, and yes, it's what CARE used in the appeal because that's what happens.) Then I tracked every communication that followed."

Don't miss this from Frogloop: 10 Tips for Optimizing Mobile Email Marketing. One tip is, "Keep text links uncrowded and make them standout from each other. Your members are reading on a very small screen."

Julie Verhaar, writng at 101Fundraising, tackles the perennial problem of meshing communications with fundraising in Communication and Fundraising, the never ending story. Verhaar says, "...harsh reality shows that it takes visitors at least three clicks to make a donation or sign a petition. More than half of the prospects leave after the first click and hardly anyone makes a donation. In addition focus groups, research etc. shows that many people do not know exactly what charities do."

Shan Ilsen, writing at VolunteerMatch, hits the spot with A Great Idea: Involve Volunteers in Fundraising. Ilsen provides 10 tips to make this happen. One tip is, "Provide your volunteers with financial information so they know what your agency needs."

How does a nonprofit recover from a social media mistake? At Tactical Philanthropy Wendy Harman of the Red Cross gives us the inside scoop on a recent mishap. Wendy says, " Our Twitter account just tripped on the sidewalk, and instead of throwing a temper tantrum about tripping, we acted like any self-aware person would: we dusted ourselves off, looked around to acknowledge the trip with those who caught it, and had a chuckle with them."

Corporate Responsibility

Allison Fine marks International Philanthropy Day with this thoughtful post: Top 5 Changes to Corporate Philanthropy. Fine says, "...inevitably, corporate givers talk about wanting to change the world with their giving. But are they changing it, and if so, how? Not many are terribly interested in really understanding the answer to that question, even the questions to that question, for instance, what do we mean by change and for whom and by when, aren't often asked."

Nuts and Bolts

Deidre Reid, writing at the SmartBlog, says, Give New Life to Your Press Release and provides several tips about how to do so. Reid says, "... the next time you automatically open your release template, ask yourself: Is this really news? Is my target reader going to find it valuable? Who is my target reader? Don't become irrelevant to your media contacts by sending them announcements of no interest to anyone except a handful of your industry leaders."

Writer's Block gives us a handy cheat sheet about the proper use of numbers. Print this one out and hang near your computer. Here's one rule I wasn't familiar with, "When two numbers are adjacent, spell out one of them. Usually, the one with fewer letters is spelled out." Each rule has examples to keep you on track.

Pamela Wilson, writing at CopyBlogger, has the 6 Questions to Ask Before You Spend a Dime on Graphic Design. These are not aimed at nonprofits, but they are just as useful. Under know your audience, Wilson says, "Paint a thorough picture of who you want to reach. Round out that picture with as much detail as you can."

I loved this Digital Marketing Guide: How Do I Increase My Twitter Following? from AdAge. One of these 10 tips is, " Don't link and run. Even when you post links to your work and intersperse them with links to things you find interesting, stick around for the discussion. Attend to everyone who messages you and especially those who @ you. People remember if they didn't get a response."

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