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Joanne Fritz

Billion Dollar Charitable Givers Dominated by Gates and Buffett

By May 23, 2011

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Forbes has released its most recent list of the world's biggest charitable givers. There are 19 people on the list who have already donated at least $1 billion to charitable causes.

Thirteen of the big givers are from the U.S., and all but one of the 19 are self-made men...entrepreneurs. Our own gilded age continues it seems.

Here is the list, in order of magnitude of giving:

  1. Bill Gates. Has given $28 billion through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  2. Warren Buffett has given $8.3 billion so far. Buffett and Gates are the movers behind the Giving Pledge as they try to convince the super wealthy around the world to pledge to giving away most of their fortunes either while still living or after their deaths. So far 69 have committed, including Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. and Michael Bloomberg, NYC Mayor and media tycoon.
  3. George Soros, $8 billion in giving.
  4. Gordon Moore (Intel co-founder), $6.8 billion in giving.
  5. Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico. $4 billion in charitable giving.
  6. George Kaiser (George Kaiser Family Foundation), $4 billion to charitable causes.
  7. Eli Broad, $2.6 billion to charity.
  8. Azim Premji (head of tech firm, Wipro; Azim Premiji Foundation), India. $2.1 billion in charitable donations.
  9. James Stowers (Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, Mo.), $2 billion to charity.
  10. Michael Bloomberg (NYC Mayor), $1.8 billion to charity.
  11. Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong. $1.6 billion to good causes.
  12. Herbert & Marion Sandler (funders of Pro Publica), $1.5 billion to charity.
  13. Dietmar Hopp (co-founder of SAP), Germany. $1.25 billion in charitable contributions.
  14. Michael Dell, $1.2 billion to charity.
  15. Jon Huntsman, $1.2 billion to charity.
  16. Ted Turner, $1.2 billion in giving.
  17. Klaus Tschira, Germany (SAP co-founder), $1.1 billion to charity.
  18. Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder). $1 billion in giving.
  19. Stephan Schmidheiny, Switzerland. $1 billion to charity.

Photo: Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett/Getty Images

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