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Joanne Fritz

December Nonprofit Blog Carnival: A New Year's Feast of 2012 Trends and Predictions

By January 3, 2012

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Thanks to all who submitted their 2012 Trends and Predictions for the December Nonprofit Blog Carnival. I received some terrific posts, the best of which were these:

  • In Charity Auction 2012 Trends: We Are Still Talking Technology and Always Talking Food, Sherry Truhlar of Red Apple Auctions predicts the three big trends in the nonprofit auction world. Those trends are mobile, online and onsite integration, and downsizing (or maybe rightsizing) the food. Read about how to make the most of these trends that also reflect broader issues such as tech, multi-channel, and health.

  • What Should Nonprofits Think About in 2012? The Nonprofit Resource Memo says "there isn't any returning to a pre-recession world....These times call for nonprofits to stay true to their mission but to let go of the past, and face 2012 eager, nimble and fearless." So study up on these five strategies ranging from how to showcase your data to how to respond to the "Everything Evidence-Based" demands of funders.

  • Relevance Rules--Your Key to Nonprofit Marketing Success in 2012, says Nancy Schwartz, of Getting Attention. At the heart of that relevance is getting to know your audiences, capturing, managing, and sharing what you learn. Nancy shows how to use the personal to get relevant, and asks, "What are your strategies for getting to know your audiences, logging and managing those insights and putting them to work?"

  • Lori Halley, of Wild Apricot, covers 6 Membership Predictions for 2012. This post is just about the most comprehensive explanation of what will be happening in the Association world in the next year. Lori covers everything from member-driven decision-making to moving to the cloud to multi-channel communications.

  • Katya Andresen, at the Non-Profit Marketing Blog, has broken her 2012 predictions and trends into bite-size portions, including these two: 3 trends in digital marketing for 2012; and 5 scary strategy mistakes to avoid in 2012. I particularly like the digital trends of more personal, more human, and more mobile.

  • Sandy Rees, of Get Fully Funded, offers 4 Keys to Successful Fundraising in 2012. Sandy explains what she thinks "vibrant nonprofits" will be doing in 2012. My favorite is that they will be "Unwilling to accept mediocrity." Sandy writes, "They will demand (and get) the best from their Board, their staff, and their volunteers. Together, they will improve their service delivery, they'll learn to be excellent at telling their story, and they will engage people in their work."

  • For information that will keep you busy for a while, chow down on Kivi Leroux Miller's 2012 Trends Report; Free Webinar on 1/5. Find out what your nonprofit peers do, don't do, plan to do, and where they are looking for help. There may still be time to get in on Kivi's free webinar this week for put-to-use-right-now information that will inform your 2012 plans.

  • Patricia Hume, of Connection Cafe, breaks up the text with this video that explores the 2012 Outlook. Patricia interviews Convio CMO Sara Spivey in a wide-ranging discussion of donor acquisition and retention, the economy...even politics. Learn the "new rules of engagement for nonprofits."

  • Guest posting at GuideStar, Vinay Bhagat, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Convio, explains How Technology and Consumer Trends Will Continue to Drive Change In the Nonprofit Sector. Find out how new media channels will grow, why peer-to-peer marketing will become indispensable, and whether donor fatigue will get worse.

  • What's in Store for Finding New Donors in 2012? Kirsten Bullock, writing at Growing Your Donors, explains all as she lays out five trends in donor acquisition. What's in store for response rates, the role of social media, face-to-face fundraising, segmentation, and events? Kirsten calls her predictions "educated guesses," but they sound so right on.

  • Barbara Talisman, of Talisman Thinking Out Loud, presents her 10 Fundraising Predictions for 2012. Barbara knows that 2012 will, above all, be a time of great change. My favorite of her predictions is, "Same same won't work anymore -- in direct mail, major gifts or capital campaigns. There is no box -- we are working in a growing circle of influence. How we do our work has to change."

Kicking off the New Year - The January Call for Submissions

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What better topic, as we enter a new year, than your dreams for your organization, cause or the nonprofit community?

Get all the details from Nancy's post.

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