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Joanne Fritz

Best Links: Shy Board Members, Google Search, B Corps

By January 31, 2012

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Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Nancy Schwartz collected all our dreams for the nonprofit world in her January Nonprofit Blog Carnival. Who would have thought that we would dream so much and so creatively?

Marc Pitman kicks off the February Nonprofit Blog Carnival with his Valentine's Day themed How do you take care of yourself? Marc asks, "We often focus on letting donors know we love them, but how do you show yourself the love?" Oh, did you forget to reward yourself? This will be an opportunity to pledge anew to do just that.

Fundraising, Social Media, Business for Good

Katya Andresen reminds us of The 6 absolutely essential keys to influence, ala Robert Cialdini. Katya lists the principles of influence from "authority" to "social proof" and provides a wonderful video of the great Cialdini himself explaining them all.

Ifdy Perez, writing for Razoo's blog, reminds us Why You Shouldn't "Go Viral". Ifdy writes, "Because you can't really predict what will or won't go viral (assuming you don't have millions in your budget to create an outstanding ad campaign like the Old Spice Guy), there are other ways to focus your precious time and energy into things that will surely pay off for your organization." She gives us three possibilities--fun, magnetism, and purpose.

Every Monday, Marissa Garza shows up at DonorDreams. She writes about tangled tech questions in a way that we can all get through. This week, Marissa tackled How Google's Recent Changes Affect You and Your Non-Profit Organization . Such a thorny topic, but Marissa whacked it down to nonprickly manageability, explaining Google search, the privacy issues, and what you can do.

I follow the Motley Fool religiously. So I was delighted to find this article by Alyce Lomax, of that investment guide, about the new business for good law in California. Alyce explains how the new B corporation works in Doing Good to Do Well Gets a Legal Boost in California, which appeared in DailyFinance. There are some excellent examples here of companies that combine innovation with social good.

Rather than just think of recalcitrant board members who won't help fundraise as deadbeats, take a new tack suggested by Nell Edgington of Social Velocity. Nell, in 9 Ways Board Members Can Raise Money Without Fundraising, says, "The good news is that there are lots of other things board members can do to bring money in the door. And remember, if you are financing not fundraising your organization, your definition of 'bringing money in the door' should be very broad.

Nonprofit News

Obama campaign deploys Square for mobile fundraising - Gigom

2012 Top 100 Best NGOs - The Global Journal

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January 31, 2012 at 3:47 pm
(1) Ifdy says:

Thanks for the mention, Joanne! Love your blog!

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