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Best Links: SEO, DoGooder Video, Thanking Online Donors

By February 12, 2012

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DoGooder Video


Nonprofits are proving themselves every proficient at producing videos to promote their causes. It's no wonder. People generally love videos, they are the perfect medium to tell your cause's story in a heart warming, visual way, and it no longer costs an arm and a leg to produce one. The doGooder Nonprofit Video Awards is a way to test your best against the best in the field and win some cool rewards. John Haydon has written a nice announcement of the awards replete with a video and links to more information. Catch the doGooder video fever now - entries are being accepted through February.

You can't do good nonprofit marketing if you're in a silo. That's the messge Kivi Leroux Miller will be driving home in one of her only-once-in-a-while FREE webinars. Helping Your Staff and Board Become Great Nonprofit Marketers is on Feb 16th, so rush over and register now. Kivi says, "...stop daydreaming and start working with what you have right in front of you...learn how to turn the people already associated with your organization into a marketing team (whether they know it or not!)."

Marc Pitman has kicked off the February Nonprofit Blog Carnival with his Valentine's Day themed How do you take care of yourself? Marc asks, "We often focus on letting donors know we love them, but how do you show yourself the love?" So get those hearts for yourself going and let Marc know about them. Participating in a Carnival is an excellent way to extend your blog's reach. Another link, more readers, an enhanced reputation and maybe your Klout score will even go up!

Fundraising, Social Media, SEO

Have you joined the LinkedIn volunteer revolution? Find out how with this post from Realized Worth: LinkedIn Is About to Revolutionize the Way We Volunteer. The Realized Worth team interviewed Meg Garlinghouse of LinkedIn who said they are on a mission to get a million users to "fill out the Volunteer Experiences & Causes field (there are 250,000 currently)."

My beloved paper calendar and to do list died some time ago, smothered by the billions of bits of information that hose me every day through my electronic devices. Evernote is one tool that I'm now using, so I loved this post from Connection Cafe: Evernote for Nonprofits. Corey Pudhorodsky, and Jonathan Weldon have a wealth of ways your nonprofit can use Evernote.

Do you take your online donors for granted? As in providing a milquetoast thank you or just a receipt? Then please read this hefty but mind-changing article from the Humanising Technology Blog: Why thanking donors online is powerful. Authors Simon Norris and Juliet Richardson dig into the why and the how. Hat tip to Pamela Grow for the link.

Geoff Livingston, writing at Razoo's blog, explains 4 Ways to Get Ready for the Tablet Revolution. I love my iPad but have been surprised at the poor quality of some of the communications, apps, and websites that I want to view. Geoff can get you off to some of the improvements you might want to make for your tablet readers. It's not just about size, but thinking through the gestures that people use with their tablets and making those easier.

Are infographics the new Power Point? Remember when you couldn't open your mouth without Power Point behind you? Well, we've learned too much of a good thing can go very badly. Karen Zapp gives the lowdown on the craze of infographics and what to do and not to do in her Infographics for Nonprofits... the Good; the Bad; the Ugly

I follow the Search Engine Journal like I'm panning for gold. And SEO strategy is just that...figuring out just how to hold your pan in the stream so you capture some nuggets. In How to Create an Effective Google+ SEO Content Strategy, Neil Patel explains why none of us can afford to ignore Google+ any more. Search and Google+ are so entwined that businesses (including nonprofits) just have to get started. Here are some basic steps that might help. p>

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