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Joanne Fritz

Best Links: End-of-Year Fundraising Tips, Tiny Social Media Policy, Asking Styles

By December 7, 2012

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  • How are you cultivating an attitude of gratitude? The Nonprofit Blog Carnival was hosted in November by Pamela Grow. The theme is gratitude, and bloggers came through with a feast of suggestions about how to say thanks to all your donors. Don't miss these tips. You'll need them for all the thanking you'll do after the holiday giving.

  • How Content Marketing Is Different - The Terminology. Is it my imagination, or do the terms around content marketing multiply like bunnies? Kivi Leroux Miller keeps track of them all and provides a mini-glossary that will clear your head.

  • 10 Ways to Sabotage Your Year-End Emails. A great list of what not to do with your email appeals this holiday season, compiled by Mike Snusz over at npEngage.

  • Open Letter to Charities I Support - Get to Know Me. Norman Reiss, at Nonprofit Bridge, addresses his complaints about year-end fundraising to one particular organization. But rather than just complaining, Norman provides solid advice that works for anyone, donor or asker.

  • Events are transitory, missions are permanent. Jono Smith, of Event360, offers six tips to help you keep your priorities straight.

  • 7 Things your last minute online donors want. The blog at FirstGiving cites some great advice from Gail Perry. More tips for your year-end fundraising.

  • A 12 Word Social Media Policy. Writing for SocialFish, Farris Timimi, of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, makes the case for a very short policy. A great chance to clear up your confusion and make writing your policy seem actually possible.

    Find Your Asking Style. If you like the Meyers Briggs personality profile, you'll love the quiz at AskingMatters. Heck, even if you've never heard of Meyers Briggs, you'll like it. Learn how to work with your personality when you're fundraising, not against it. Plus, this is a great tool to use with your board and volunteers.

  • 4 Considerations for Your New Nonprofit Career in 2013. Who isn't thinking about their career at this time of year? Betsy Baker, of YourGrantAuthority, has some facts (...the average turnover rate for a person employed in nonprofit fundraising is sixteen months!) and some ideas as you ponder whether to jump ship, stay put, or go out on your own.

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