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Joanne Fritz

Most Popular 2012 Posts: Philanthropic Equity, Young Volunteers, Small Nonprofits, and Email

By December 28, 2012

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Happy almost New Year! I hope you are taking time off and making the most of it. I certainly am! Family, fun, lots of good food, and catching up on movies and music are on my agenda.

But before I proceed on to the New Year, I checked the stats for my blog posts during 2012 and came up with four that seemed to really click with readers. They are meaty and address issues that promise to be just as relevant in 2013. I hope you enjoy revisiting them.

1. Small Charities Lag in Net Fundraising/Donor Retention

Some nonprofits just count the funds that come in from donors, but it's the net donations that really count.

Read more on this topic:

2. Could Philanthropic Equity Revolutionize the Nonprofit Sector?

Financing, not fundraising has become a mantra of many experts recently. Nell Edgington explains what that is and why it is so important.

More about Philanthropic Equity:

3. Young Volunteers Want Short, Sociable, and Fun

Young people are not likely to just walk into your organization and offer to volunteer. It takes knowing where they are and how to attract them. Check out these tips based on recent research.

More volunteer trends:

4. A Receipt Is Not a Thank You: Online Donors vs Online Buyers

I get crazy over email thank yous, so when I saw some commentary about the psychology of online giving, it gave me a chance to rant some more.

I also recommend:

Thank you for being a loyal reader this year!

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