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Joanne Fritz

Can You Thank a Monthly Donor Too Much?

By February 3, 2013

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Thank You Note

Monthly donors are gold for nonprofits, so don't take them for granted. I speak from experience.

Just since the beginning of this year, one of the recipients of my several recurring donations did the following:

  1. Mailed me a lovely New Year's card with a handwritten note in it, but also with 10 (!) handwritten "thank yous" all over it. I'm imagining that they passed the card around during a special thank you party.

    Yep, I got thanked by Laurie, Gwen, Rob, Shawn, Jenn and five others. I have to say, it really made my day, and that card is right above my desk now on my bulletin board.

  2. Mailed me an "official" thank you on the organization's letterhead from a senior development person, who also hand wrote a thank you above her signature. This letter served as a formal receipt for my donations for the previous year. That it had a personal touch made it special.

I really loved all the mailing and handwriting that went into these thank yous. Even the envelopes were handwritten. Such a nice touch!

All of this was in addition to the email notification and thank you that I get every month when my donation hits.

Do you think they have been reading my rants about thank yous?

The bottom line is that I feel much appreciated, and if I wasn't already fully committed, I would be after all of this contact. I'm sure that those cards went to donors of any kind, not just recurring ones, but that they included monthly donors who, after all, don't give large amounts that leap off the donor lists, was especially nice. Over the years, those recurring gifts amount to quite a lot, plus they represent an uncommon loyalty.

How are you thanking your donors, and especially those stalwart monthly ones? Maybe you could have a thanking party at the beginning of each year devoted to some of your most special donors. Pencil it into next year's calendar right now, and invite some of your board members and other volunteers to join in.

Read more about thanking donors:

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