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Joanne Fritz

Do Online Grant Applications Make You Crazy? These 8 Tips Will Help

By February 11, 2013

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Woman at computer frustrated with online grant application.

There are lots of moving parts to writing grant proposals, from matching your nonprofit with the right foundation, to dealing with the problem of being a brand new organization, to even getting everyone else in your charity on board for grants.

One big issue though is the growing insistance on the part of grantors that you fill out online applications for their grants. This isn't the same as submitting your proposal online as a document though. It's about filling out devilish difficult applications that have many quirks to overcome.

Contributing writer, Heather Stombaugh, of JustWrite Solutions, has some hints (born of much experience) about how to overcome those hurdles in her 8 Tips for More Successful Online Grant Applications.

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February 24, 2013 at 4:40 pm
(1) Lynn Romeo says:

I couldn’t agree more! Developing a compelling case to present to the grantmaker and having to count characters and spaces for each answer is infuriating. I agree that wordiness is counterproductive, but there has to be a happy medium. Sometimes an argument simply cannot be made in the number of characters/spaces allotted.

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