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Where Do Nonprofits Get Their Income? - About.com
New ways for nonprofits to raise revenue spring into existence every year, but where those funds come from stays pretty much the same year after year. There is ...
Unrelated Earned Income for Nonprofits - Tax Law
Many nonprofits have businesses that bring in earned income. But how much of that type of income is possible before the IRS starts to question it?
Sample Chart of Income for a Nonprofit - About.com
It is helpful, especially for startup nonprofits, to develop a chart showing annual income from all sources. Here is an example that you can use.
Should Your Small Nonprofit Go After Grants? - About.com
"I usually like to say 10-15% of nonprofit revenue can come from foundations and 5-10% from corporations. The majority of charitable contributions still come ...
What Are the Tax Implications for Nonprofit Business Activities?
Nonprofits use business activities to supplement their income. But are they related to the nonprofit mission? And, what are the tax implications?
Restricted vs. Unrestricted Funds - Nonprofit - About.com
Donors to a nonprofit organization may designate or "restrict" the use of their donations to a particular purpose or ... Where Do Nonprofits Get Their Revenue?
What Is an Endowment? - Nonprofit - About.com
How and Why to Make Endowment Fundraising a Priority for Your Nonprofit ... Planned Giving, Death and Taxes · Where Do Nonprofits Get Their Revenue?
How to Charge Fees for Your Nonprofit's Services - About.com
Many nonprofits count on fees from services they offer to clients for part of their ... If it is not, you may be subject to the Unrelated Business Income Tax or UBIT.
IRS Classifications for Nonprofits - About.com
There are several types of nonprofit organizations, each with its own code number. ... A 501(c)(3) nonprofit is exempt from federal income tax if it has these ...
How to Start an Endowment for Your Nonprofit - About.com
Any nonprofit can and should have an endowment fundraising program. ... An endowment helps diversify your organization's income and reduces your ...
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