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10 Ways to Make Volunteers Happy - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Do you know what today's volunteers want? Expectations have changed. But if you can meet them, your volunteers will be happy and will stick around.
Volunteers - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs - About.com
A nonprofit organization cannot succeed without a strong core of volunteers. Learn how to find them and develop them into your most valuable supporters.
Does Your Nonprofit Appeal to the New Volunteers?
Is your nonprofit in touch with the "new" volunteers? The ones who are both young and older, who want to volunteer as a family, who want to change the world, ...
Volunteers - What to Do Before Recruiting Them
You may be very anxious to get started on recruiting volunteers for your nonprofit, but some preliminary work needs to be done first.
Using Motivational Types to Place Volunteers in the Right Job
How do you motivate volunteers? First, understand that motivation will come from the volunteer, not you. Your job is to find out about their personality type and ...
14 Ways to Thank Your Volunteers - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
A volunteer can provide as much value over the years as a major donor. Are you thanking your volunteers often, creatively, and sincerely?
Recruiting Volunteers - Three Approaches - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
There are numerous methods you can use to recruit volunteers . However, not all of them will be appropriate for your organization or your specific needs.
Down-to-Earth Guide to Supervising Volunteers - a Review
That is why I like What We Learned (the Hard Way) About Supervising Volunteers , by Jarene Frances Lee and Julia M. Catagnus. (Energize, 1999). This short ...
How to Recruit and Work With Youth Volunteers
Recruiting youth volunteers requires the ability to put yourself in their shoes. Here are some tips for recruiting and engaging them.
Should Nonprofits Save Money by Replacing Staff with Volunteers?
Using volunteers to perform tasks or jobs that might otherwise be done by paid staff (often called job substitution) should only be part of an overall strategy for ...
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