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Volunteer Management - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs - About.com
Creative volunteer management is vital to a nonprofit's health and welfare. Learn about volunteer recruitment and development; and how the field of volunteer ...
7 Ways to Find a Great Volunteer Opportunity
Are you looking for the perfect volunteer opportunity? Use these tips to help you make the most of your volunteer experience.
Guide to Online Volunteer Matching Services
It has never been easier to volunteer. Just let your fingers do the searching with these online volunteer matching services.
Volunteer and Contribute in San Francisco - About.com
Volunteer in the San Francisco Bay Area at Thanksgiving, Christmas and year- round. Nonprofits need help with everything from cooking to IT, and here's how ...
10 Ways to Make Volunteers Happy - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Do you know what today's volunteers want? Expectations have changed. But if you can meet them, your volunteers will be happy and will stick around.
Using Motivational Types to Place Volunteers in the Right Job
How do you motivate volunteers? First, understand that motivation will come from the volunteer, not you. Your job is to find out about their personality type and ...
Does Your Nonprofit Appeal to the New Volunteers?
Is your nonprofit in touch with the "new" volunteers? The ones who are both young and older, who want to volunteer as a family, who want to change the world, ...
Recruiting Volunteers - Three Approaches - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Recruiting volunteers takes a bit of art, planning, and charm. Here are three approaches you will want to consider.
How to Write a Volunteer Position Description
You'd never hire paid staff without having a position description in place. Job descriptions are just as important for your volunteers.
Volunteers - What to Do Before Recruiting Them
Yet sometimes nonprofits start recruiting volunteers before the organization is ready. Bad move. Even if just a couple of volunteers have a bad experience, ...
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