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There are some excellent blogs for nonprofit issues. Here are our favorites.

J Campbell Social Marketing

Julia Campbell specializes in helping businesses and nonprofits develop effective social media programs. Her blog runs the gamut from how to tell stories on social media to how to use Pinterest to drive traffic back to your home page. She is also a frequent guest writer for About.com.

DCG Direct Creative Group Blog
The Direct Creative Group (DCG) blog explores multi-channel, nonprofit direct response fundraising. DCG founder and lead blogger John Thompson is a 35-year veteran of the direct marketing industry.

Good Helpings
Raechel Haller is a systems and strategic thinker, who likes to make things look pretty. On Good Helpings you'll find spoonfuls of tips, tricks, and knowledge that I've picked up along the way that help organizations advance their good work. I'm sharing what I know, because we've got a world to change.

Wild Woman Fundraising
Mazarine Treyz is the "wild woman" and she is wild about fundraising. Mazarine covers it all from direct mail to sponsorships.

Beth's Blog
Beth Kanter is the co-author of The Networked Nonprofit and the best known guru in social media for nonprofits. She is the CEO of Zoetica, a consulting firm, an avid blogger, and frequent presenter. Beth's Blog is a must read for anyone in nonprofit work.

Amy Sample Ward's Version of NP Tech
Amy Sample Ward is a nonprofit social media guru. She keeps up with all the tech developments and has a global view of what social change agents are doing. She is a popular speaker who appears at many conferences around the world.

A. Fine Blog
Allison Fine is a leader in social media and social change for nonprofits. Fine is coauthor of The Wired Nonprofit, produces podcasts for The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and is a sought after speaker. Her blog is always on the cutting edge of nonprofit developments.

Katya's Nonprofit Marketing Blog
Katya Andresen is an author of "Robin Hood Marketing" and the COO for Network for Good. Follow her and learn!

Getting Attention
Nancy Schwartz is the genius behind this blog. She specializes in nonprofit marketing and works with nonprofits large and small. Schwartz is author of an annual tagline competition and report, exploring how to use taglines effectively. Her blog is full of great advice and case studies.

Future Fundraising Now
Jeff Brooks believes fundraising is one of the most noble of human endeavors. Jeff's blog is a refreshing, if somewhat irreverent, voice in the fundraising arena.

RAD Blog
The RAD Blog is the voice of the RAD Campaign, a consulting firm specializing in research, and best practices in nonprofit technology, web design, web development, online marketing, online fundraising, and social media. Follow this blog as the company solves the sticky problems of some of the best known nonprofits in the country.

A Small Change
Jason Dick has become a leading voice in the fundraising universe. I love his ideas and his pithy comments.

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog
Kivi Leroux Miller specializes in helping small nonprofits with their marketing. She has become the marketing guru for the one-person nonprofit marketing shop. Her new book is the best marketing guide around. Kivi runs a popular web seminar series and is a popular speaker on the nonprofit circuit.

Wild Apricot
Lori Halley is the lead writer for this blog for a provider of association member management software. If you work at an association, this is the place to keep up even if you don't use this company's systems. Lots of great tech information.

The GiveWell Blog
GiveWell evaluates charities. It seeks out those that are effective in terms of achieving their missions at a reasonable cost. GiveWell grapples with the thorny issues of giving to charity that many in the nonprofit community avoid. People who are serious about their charitable giving will want to pay attention to this organization.

The Fundraising Coach
Marc A. Pitman is the Fundraising Coach. Pitman is author of the excellent and friendly "Ask Without Fear." He is an expert fundraiser with many innovative ideas, especially for smaller shops.

Duck Call
This is the blog of Big Duck Consulting. The firm works with nonprofits on all sorts of communications, but particularly branding. Sarah Durham, founder and principal, has recently published THE book on Brandraising for nonprofits.

Great blog from CARE2, specializing in helping nonprofits get the most out on their online marketing programs.

IssueLab's Footnotes
Struggling to keep up with the research on nonprofit issues? Got research you want to get out? IssueLab is the place to be. Join the discussion on IssueLab's Footnotes blog.

Pamela's GrantWriting Blog
Pamela Grow is a consultant on all things about nonprofit fundraising. But, I particularly like her down-to-earth advice for grant proposal writing. She demystifies a process that can seem overwhelming to newbies.

Grant Writing Confidential
this helpful blog is by Jake Seliger, a veteran of the grant writing scene. Keep up and improve your grant writing skills here.

Have Fun, Do Good
A wonderful blog by Britt Bravo, a consultant and social web expert. Lots of good ideas about how to make a difference and enjoy it.

Charity Navigator Blog
Charity Navigator is the place to go to check out what charities are the safest for your donations. Its blog is a wonderful place to keep up with charity and philanthropic news.

Blue Avocado
A fanciful name for an excellent and business-like blog. Part of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. Focuses on good management for nonprofits. Great financial advice.

The Case Foundation Blog
The Case Foundation Blog is a wonderful way to keep abreast of both nonprofit news, and how to be smart philanthropist.

Selfish Giving
Joe Waters keeps up with all the news and opinion about cause marketing.

The Accidental Marketer
This blog by marketing consultant, Don Akchin, is full of news and tips to help nonprofit marketers, especially those at small shops who wear many hats.

Seeking Grant Money Today
Arlene Spencer is a specialist in grant writing in particular and fundraising in general. Her blog is full of helpful suggestions, as well as insightful commentary on the state of philanthropy.

Give and Take is the blog for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. However, what it does is compile postings from other relevant blogs. Very useful for a quick look around the nonprofit blog community.

The Nonprofit Consultant Blog
The Nonprofit Consultant Blog is Ken Goldstein's. Ken is an experienced consultant and freelance grant writer. His blog provides funding and grant writing tips, nonprofit industry news, resources, links, etc.

Spare Change
Nedra Weinreich is a "social marketer." She does the hard stuff, "getting people to eat less of their favorite foods, wear a condom or get a colonoscopy -- not easy sells -- is what we do in social marketing." Find wonderful tips, ideas, philosophy of social marketing on her blog.

FLiP is dedicated to creating a community and a network where future leaders in philanthropy can meet, learn, exchange ideas, and contribute to each other’s success.

The Agitator
Fundraising & advocacy strategies, trends, tips...all with a twist.

Everyday Giving
The purpose of Everyday Giving is to inspire others to give back and make a difference in the world. The company publishes a free biweekly e-zine on the topic of giving back.

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