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Charitable Giving

Tips and resources for donors.
  1. Safe Charitable Giving (10)
  2. Smart Charitable Giving (7)
  3. Shopping for Charity (4)
  4. Ways to Give to Charity (13)
  5. International Giving (6)

How to Find a Charity Worthy of Your Donation
Researching charities before you gave a donation used to be a pain. But now, there are several organizations that have done your research for you.

Three Daily Reminders for Good
Here are three daily email reminders about good causes and opportunities to participate and donate.

Giving 2.0 - A Review
The latest book on charitable giving includes all the ways to plan and execute your giving plans using web 2.0 tools.

Rational Compassion: Tips for Safe Holiday Charitable Giving
Be smart during the holidays when it comes to your charitable giving. Research before you give just as you would before you purchased anything else.

The Art of Giving: Where the Soul Meets a Business Plan
Bronfman and Solomon suggest that donors not just direct their gifts to the support of services, but rather consider ways to help that leverage their contributions for greater impact.

Flooding in Pakistan Shaping Up as Major Disaster
Although governments must take the lead in providing the bulk of aid, we can help by supporting the UN efforts and those of a myriad of NGOs working in the area.

Best Websites for Philanthropists
Tracey Gary, in her wonderful book, Inspired Philanthropy, suggests that philanthropists engage in active conversations with other philanthropists. She suggests the following websites where you can easily do this, right from home or office.

My Favorite Website for Philanthropy - Best Places on the Web for...
Do you have a favorite website to find out about other philanthropists or get advice on which charities you should donate too?

Where Can I Find Financial Information About a Nonprofit?
How do find out about the financial health of a charity you're interested in? Here are some suggestions.

How Millennials Are Changing Charitable Giving
The Millennial Generation wants to make a difference in the world. Here is how they are changing charitable giving for the betters.

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