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Better Grant Writing: From Muddled to Polished

From Organizing to Proofreading


Grant writing is not for the faint of heart. It takes a genius for research and organization, the organizational skills of report writer, plus those of a master story teller. There are four stages of grant proposal writing - check out our tips for each.

1. Getting Ready

Reza Estakhrian/ Stone/Getty Images

How to Develop a Grant Proposal Writing Process

Writing a grant proposal should not be a one-shot experiment. You don't write a grant proposal...you write many grant proposals. Grant proposal writing should be an ongoing process and an integral part of your overall fundraising program...

The Well-Organized Grant Proposal Writer

Grant writing begins long before you actually have a grant to write. Your tools of the trade is information...organizational information. Even before you start looking for funders, an in-depth understanding of your organization's mission and activities plus a trove of easy-to-tap organizational information are essential...

2. Searching for and Cultivating Funders

6 Steps to Finding Funders for Your Grant


Looking for appropriate organizations that might fund your grant can be overwhelming. Cut it down to size with a system. Follow these tips for a start.

5 Steps to Getting Your Grant Proposal Funded

Have you been in touch with any grantmakers today? Are they even on your to-do list? If you've been having trouble getting your grants funded, you might be forgetting the human element in grant seeking. Learn how to cultivate those fuders before and after you write your proposal.

Should Your Small Nonprofit Go After Grants?

How can small nonprofits compete for grants and where should they look for grantors? The answers are "yes" and "locally."

Can small nonprofit get grants? How much should they depend on grants? Where should they look for grants?

3. Working Through the Grant Writing Maze

Grant Writing

The Basics of Grant Proposals - From Summary to Budget to Cover Letter

Most grant applications require the same basic information. Many grantmaking organizations have their own proposal/application forms, although a few may only give you some basic guidelines. In any case, here are the most common sections of grant proposals, and the information you should include...

5 Common Grant Proposal Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Martin Teitel gives us the view from the other side of the desk as the ED of a foundation who has seen thousands of proposals over the years. He says that there are five common mistakes that proposal writers make...

4. Polishing Your Prose

Grant Writing

From Confused to Focused: 8 Grant Writing Tips

Writing a grant proposal can be daunting, and the information that you've gathered can look overwhelming. But there are some tried and true guidelines to keep in mind as you prepare for and write that proposal. When confusion sets in, revisit these tips to get your bearings again...

Two Books That Might Cure a Bad Grant Proposal - a Review

Nine out of ten grant proposals are rejected. Use these two books in tandem, and you are likely to vastly improve your chances of being the one that gets funded. Indeed, you may actually become popular with grant givers...

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