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Tools and tips to make the fundraiser's life a bit easier.
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  2. Fundraising Basics (22)
  3. Online Fundraising (29)
  4. Donor Relations (34)
  5. Getting Major Gifts (7)
  6. Giving Circles (2)
  7. Planned Giving (9)
  8. FAQs - Fundraising (15)
  9. Fundraising in a Recession (6)
  10. Generational Fundraising (10)
  11. Books About Fundraising (6)
  12. Fundraising Events (9)
  13. Crowdfunding (1)

Donor Retention and Organizational Culture
If you think donor retention is just about thank you letters, think again. It all goes back to your organization's culture.

Corporate Volunteer Grants - What They Are, How They Work
Does your charity know about corporate dollars for doers grants? It's another corporate giving program that combines volunteers and money.

Employee Matching Gift Programs - What They Are and How They Work
Are you making the most of corporate employee matching gift programs? Here are the basics and how to make sure your nonprofit if benefiting.

Why and How Nonprofit Boards Make a Difference for Fundraising
If you wondered whether you board could really help with fundraising, this study will clear things up. They do help...a lot.

7 Types of Corporate Giving Programs
Check all the ways that companies manage to give to charitable causes in their communities. How many are you tapping into?

Donors Set to Give More to Charity in 2011
Just as more jobs are being created and the economy continues to lurch forward in a recovery, the outlook for charitable giving is trending upwards, according to the 2011 Cygnus Donor Survey that came out in April.

Samples and Templates for Nonprofit Organizations
Here are the most popular of our sample letters, charts, and grant proposal components.

How to Promote Employee Matching Gifts to Your Donors
In fundraising, every dollar counts. That's why corporate matching gift programs are so important. They can double donations for some of your donors. But your organization must be proactive in encouraging matching gifts.

How to Choose Donor Management Software for Your Nonprofit
Are you frustrated with your donor management software? Follow these tips to assess your needs and choose or upgrade your system.

The Grantsmanship Center
A clearinghouse of information and training in grantsmanship, proposal writing and fundraising. Includes examples of effective proposal writing models. Also has information on developing business ventures for nonprofits.

Rethinking the Traditional Capital Campaign
Are capital campaigns good or bad? One experts says they should be ditched in favor of capacity building.

How to Move Your Nonprofit Board from Fundraising to Financing
Don't let your board members languish in fear of fundraising. Talk to them about financing instead. Just changing the terms can make a big difference.

Executive Directors and Fundraising: Not Always a Perfect Match
Should your Executive Director sit in the office or get out and meet donors?

Foundation Center
The place to go to find out about foundations. Find funders for your project or organization; learn how to approach them; sharpen your grant-seeking skills.

Association of Fundraising Professionals
Leading association of professionals in the fundraising field. Provides education, training, and advocacy. This is a membership organization although some resources are available to the general public.

Direct Mail STILL Works, Especially for Monthly Giving
Direct mail is still a successful way to convert regular donors into monthly donors. Here's how to do it.

How to Simplify Your Nonprofit’s Story to One Paragraph
Is your nonprofit's story dauntingly complex? Use this simple technique to simplify it so anyone can understand.

9 Storytelling Mistakes Your Nonprofit May Be Making
Tell stories and tell them right. Avoid these mistakes.

Chart of Income for a Nonprofit
It is helpful, especially for startup nonprofits, to develop a chart showing annual income from all sources. Here is an example that you can use.

9 Companies That Match Employee Donations
Are you tapping into the ever larger pool of matching donations from companies?

The Power of Place - Making the Most of Tours For Donors
Are you making use of tours to bond donors and supporters to your cause? If you have a place people can visit and see your work, use it. It works.

Creating Your First Fundraising Plan? What Works and What Doesn't
If you're new to fundraising, you probably don't know where to start first. Here are the things that we know work best.

The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits - A Review
Do you know the basics building blocks of effective fundraising when you work for a small nonprofit? This book spells them out for you.

How to Dramatize Your Cause Through Storytelling
The roots of storytelling are ancient. Here's how to use ancient principles to power your stories.

Fundraising With Businesses – A Review
This book details 40 different ways your charity can partner with businesses to raise more money.

4 Steps to Finding Donors for Your New Nonprofit
Puzzled about how to find donors for your new nonprofit? It's all about getting to be known in your community.

10 Things That Make People Want to Give to Your Nonprofit
Sometimes the basics are all that matter. Here are the things that your nonprofit can do to make sure people want to give to you.

Donations Grow from the Ground Up, Not Fall from the Sky
Ditch the lottery mindset when fundraising. It's more like gardening than gambling.

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