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Nonprofit Survival Course

Lessons from the Recession


As bad as this economic downturn has been for nonprofits, those who survive will have learned lessons that will prove invaluable later, whether times are good or times are bad.

Here are the tips we have collected over the past few months. Which ones have you tried?

Fundraising in a Recession

Seven ways to avoid desperation during hard times and keep your donors on board.

What Is Working in Fundraising Right Now

Three areas of fundraising that still show promise, even when times are tough.

How Nonprofits Can Cut Costs

Ten tips about where to cut and what not to cut when funds are constrained.

Should Nonprofits Save Money by Cutting Back on Staff and Using Volunteers?

It is very tempting in a recession to change formerly staff-held jobs into volunteer ones. But is it right? Does it work? What are the pitfalls or the benefits?

Don't Call It a Crisis

Five suggestions from a fundraising guru for nonprofits hoping to survive the economic free fall and thrive in the future.

Characteristics of Nonprofits That Are Staying Afloat Despite the Recession

Nine telling attributes of those nonprofits that are surviving. How many of these does your nonprofit exhibit?

Back to Business? Many Nonprofits Say Yes

Is it time to expand or start a business within your nonprofit? It might be time to dust off that business plan.
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