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Mission-Driven Fundraising


Like sales, fundraising is not hard if one is dedicated to the mission of the organization.
  1. How Do Nonprofits Raise the Funds They Need?
  2. Endowments
  3. Keeping Your Donors Happy
  4. Making the Most of Grants
  1. Raising Funds Online
  2. Cause Marketing/Sponsorships
  3. Corporate Giving

How Do Nonprofits Raise the Funds They Need?


Fundraising is the meat and potatoes of a nonprofit. Luckily there are a lot of choices about how to go about it. Find out the best ways and match the right ones to your organization.


Endowment for a nonprofit.

Endowments provide stable and long-term financial stability. Raising endowment funds can and should be an ongoing part of any charity's fundraising program.

Keeping Your Donors Happy

Once you have donors, the best thing is to keep them. It is easier and cheaper to retain donors and even upgrade them gradually to larger donations than to find and cultivate new ones.

Making the Most of Grants

Writing a Grant Proposal

Grant proposals are a part of any fundraiser's portfolio. Whether you are a newbie or an old hand at writing grant proposals, check out our tips and best practices.

Raising Funds Online


Online fundraising is the wave of the future. Already it is making a dent in direct mail fundraising, and, as the “wired” generation matures, online may become the dominant form of fundraising.

Cause Marketing/Sponsorships

Cause Marketing

Two of the hottest areas of fundraising are cause marketing and corporate sponsorships. How do these work? How do you begin? Read these tips for inspiration.

Corporate Giving


Companies are more interested in supporting charitable causes than ever before. That's because their employees and customers want them to. Today's corporate social responsibility goes well beyond traditional cause marketing and corporate sponsorships.

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