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Books About Fundraising

We review many books about fundraising.

Asking About Asking: A Staircase to Success in Fundraising
This wonderful book treats the act of asking for a gift as a conversation, not an ordeal. Follow the author's stairway to success.

How to Write Better Fundraising Materials by Targeting Four Personality Types
Do you know the four basic personalities of the readers of your fundraising copy? Tom Ahern explains all in this helpful book.

How to Get Your Board to Step Up to the Plate in Fundraising
Having trouble getting your board members to fundraise? This book provides some ideas about how to overcome that reluctance.

Fundraising Simplified and De-Scarified: a Review
Pitman's book is quick and precise. He has developed what he calls his R.E.A.L. process to guide us through the fundraising cycle. R.E.A.L. represents research, engage, ask, love and back to research. Follow the process, rinse and repeat.

The Zen of Fundraising--a Review
Effective fundraising is the subject of this wonderful little book by one of the gurus of the field.

Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits: Real World Strategies That Work
This book by Nolo Press is the perfect gift for the newly minted nonprofit manager or development director.

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