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Fundraising to the Generations

Our fundraising today must be multi-generational and yet appeal to each generation separately.

How to Win Over Millennial Donors
If you want to know how to win the hearts of young donors, you should take a hard look at how charity: water is doing it.

Report Confirms Why Millennials Are Crucial to Future of Nonprofits
The Millennial generation is larger than any other. It's important to understand its implications for nonprofits and charitable causes.

Survey Reveals Americans' Views About Social Change
This survey of Americans and their beliefs about social change reveal some surprising statistics about the generations and who is doing what.

Women Rock at Supporting Nonprofit Causes
Women and nonprofit causes are a perfect match. Here is yet another study that reveals the extent to which women support nonprofit causes. Find out what to do to win their support and what not to do.

Baby Boomers Turn 65
Baby Boomers are turning 65. Do they still matter? You bet...more than ever.

Why Older Donors Matter
Older donors simply volunteer more, give more, and generally support charitable causes more than any other generation.

Charitable Giving by the Generations
How can we appeal to all generations of donors? How are the generations of donors different?

It is so important that we not offend our baby boomer and older donors by...
Baby boomer and older donors are the best donors. Don't annoy them by using insulting language. Learn what to say and what not to say.

Aging Donors Need Better Websites
Do you design your website to accommodate older donors? They are your most lucrative donors, so check out these tips about how to make it easy for them to give.

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Engage Millennial Donors & Volunteers
Millennials are not like any other generation. They are digital natives, mobile fanatics, and are online 24/7. Here's how to reach them.

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