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How Do I Request Money From a Corporate Foundation?


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Question: How Do I Request Money From a Corporate Foundation?


Generally, to request funds from a corporate foundation, it is wise to be brief.

In the Nonprofit Kit for Dummies, authors Stan Hutton and Frances Phillips suggest that you write a two-page proposal letter that covers these eight points:

  1. Ask for a specific contribution at the beginning of the letter. Mention whether or not your nonprofit has had experience with the funder before.
  2. Decribe briefly the need or the problem you wish to address with the funder's contribution.
  3. Explain what your noprofit will do should the grant be given.
  4. Inform the funder about your organization, including its strenths and accomplishments.
  5. Explain the budget for the project you propose. Make this short. If it runs more than a half-page, make it an attachment.
  6. Describe how your project will be financed in the future.
  7. Describe how your nonprofit will acknowledge the funder's gift publicly, providing visibiity to the corporation.
  8. Close with a compelling statement that summarizes what you are requesting and what the results will be.

The Nonprofit Kit for Dummies (Wiley, 3rd Edition, 2009) is a recommended resource. It covers the basics of starting and managing a nonprofit. It also comes with a CD which provides many forms and samples, including an example of a grant request letter to a corporation.


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