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How Long Do We Have to Wait to Hear About Our Grant Application?


Question: How Long Do We Have to Wait to Hear About Our Grant Application?


The waiting to find out if your grant proposal was accepted or rejected can be very hard. You could receive a letter saying that your application is under reveiw, that it has been rejected, or that it has been approved. Here are the basic time frames for different kinds of funders, suggested by Beverly A. Browning in her very thorough book, Grant Writing for Dummies.

  • Federal
    A wait of three to six months is typical from the date you mailed or electronically submitted your application to a federal agency to find out if the application was funded. However, the wait can vary from agency to agency.
  • State
    You can expect a wait of up to six months from the date of submission. For government grants, state or federal, send a copy of the grant application to your elected officials. If you are concerned about the time that has elapsed since applying, you can ask these officials to help you track the application. You might be able to find out if the application is under review.
  • Foundation
    You may have to wait up to 12 months to find out if your foundation grant proposal was approved. However, you will probably hear something in the interim such as that the review is pending.
  • Corporation.
    It can take up to six months to hear from a corporation. You may be notified that the corporation has received your application and that it is pending. Sometimes corporations fail to notify you when your grant application has been rejected. Follow up with a phone call if you don't hear anything. On the other hand, many times, when you do hear in the affirmative from the corporation, it means the check is in the mail.

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