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International Charitable Giving

We live globally now, and we all have the opportunity to tackle social problems around the world. Here are some tips for giving internationally.

How You Can Help Save Lives in Somalia and the Horn of Africa
The crisis across the Horn of Africa is startling and heart breaking. Here are some ways you can help right now.

A Donor’s Guide to Global Emergencies
In a wired world, it's not hard to find people to help. But it is hard to make decisions about where our charitable dollars should go.

Giving Internationally Through a Charitable Gift Account
A charitable gift account is set up through a national charitable fund (often called a donor-advised fund). It is a way anyone who can contribute $5,000 or more to help support worthy charities in a safe, easy manner.

Taxes and International Giving
Global giving has become important to most philanthropists. Americans give about $300 billion to charitable causes annually. charitable giving. Only about 5% of that is spent on international causes

The Life You Can Save - A Review
Peter Singer wants to convince us that 1) global poverty can be eradicated and 2) we are all capable of giving more to accomplish that goal without really depriving ourselves.

Global Poverty and Charitable Giving
There are so many places to put your charitable dollars today. But it is harder than ever to discern where your donation will do the most good. Peter Singer, author of The Life You Can Save and a bioethicist at Princeton University, suggests we channel our charitable giving to combat global poverty. He makes a wonderful case for this in his

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