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Samples and Templates for Nonprofit Organizations

Letters, Charts, Mission Statements and More


Here are the most popular of our sample letters, charts, and grant proposal components.

1. Samples of Mission Statements by Real Nonprofit Organizations

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The best way to get ready to write your own mission statement is to read the missions of other great nonprofits.

2. Examples of Direct Mail Fundraising Letters

Here is a collection of direct mail fundraising letters from a variety of nonprofits, ranging from a large international organization to a very small nonprofit that is primarily local in its appeal.

3. Sample Donation Thank You Letter

The thank you letter to a donor concludes one transaction but, more importantly, it is a bridge to future support.

4. Sample of an Email Thank You Letter

How do you thank a donor who makes a donation online? Usually, you write an email thank you message. Is it different from a mailed thank you letter? See our real life sample email thank you.

5. Sample of a Thank You Postcard

Have you tried sending a postcard by mail to a treasured donor or volunteer? It's easy to create a postcard right online and send it for a nominal fee. See this example to spark your imagination.

6. Elements of a Business Plan for a Nonprofit Organization

The business plan can be used throughout the life of a nonprofit, changing as the organization does. A startup's business plan may be quite brief, while a mature nonprofit's may be quite long. Business plan formats for nonprofits vary according to the type of organization, but several elements seem to show up frequently.

7. Chart of Income for a Nonprofit

There are many sources of income for a nonprofit, from individual donations to grants to corporate giving. Use this simple chart to track your organization's income by source, taking note of how much you get from each one in dollars and also as a percentage of the total.

8. Sample Gift Chart

A gift chart is a planning tool you can use for any fundraising campaign.

9. Sample Pledge Form for Major Gifts/Donations

A pledge form can be your best friend when fundraising. Here is a simple one that you can dress up with your own letterhead and logo.

10. Examples of Effective Email Subject Lines

An effective email subject line can almost require the reader to click the open command. Here are some that struck me as especially effective. These subject lines entice you to click on for more information....much as a good mystery novel keeps you turning the pages.

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