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What to Consider Before You Start a Nonprofit


There are many questions to answer before you decide to start a nonprofit organization. What type of nonprofit should you start? Are you prepared to take on that responsibility? Is there another nonprofit that is accomplishing the same mission that you propose? How will your nonprofit be like and not like a business?
  1. Just What Is a Nonprofit?
  2. Nonprofit Incorporation
  3. Seeking Tax Exempt Status for Your Nonprofit
  4. Your Nonprofit's Mission

Just What Is a Nonprofit?

The term nonprofit is used rather loosely to describe groups that come together to achieve a mission, rather than to make a profit.

Nonprofit Incorporation

Becoming a nonprofit begins with incorporation at the state level.

Seeking Tax Exempt Status for Your Nonprofit

Many nonprofits incorporate at the state level and never proceed to the next level. But there are many benefits to becoming tax-exempt.

Your Nonprofit's Mission

Mission is everything for a nonprofit. Find it, articulate it, stick to it.

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