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Managing a Nonprofit

Ideas and tips to help you manage your nonprofit.
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12 Ways to Embrace the 21st Century Nonprofit Workforce
How is your organization adapting to the needs of a new kind of employee? Young, hip, fast moving, job hopping, these employees need a totally different organization structure.

How Nonprofits Can Measure Outcomes and Why They Should
A new book tell why your nonprofit should measure its outcomes and just how to do it.

Nonprofit Tips: Give Some, Get some
One of the first things I learned when I started working in nonprofit was that there are no new ideas. What looked like new ideas were just fancy embroidery on something someone else had done. So I set up a "swipes" file where I stashed anything I thought was interesting and that I might want to, well, "swipe." That's what we have here...tips...

Measuring Your Nonprofit's Results
It is more important than ever to measure and report your results to your supporters. Donors look for concrete results before they invest in your organization, and foundations want to see that you are effective before they give you a grant.

5 Resolutions for a Tough New Year
Times are tough, and 2009 may be even tougher. Nonprofits are hunkering down trying to weather the economic storm that is dramatically reducing their revenues yet increasing demand for their services. Often one of the first functions to go is communications. Despite the awful economic conditions, this is no time to pare back on getting your...

How Business-Like is Your Nonprofit?
If you are afraid of looking too much like a business, instead of a nonprofit, you should get over it. Everyone from donors to the general public now expect nonprofits to behave more like businesses.

Study of Potential Nonprofit Leadership Gap Provides Advice to Executive Directo
The coming leadership crunch in nonprofits has been in the news for some time. The retirement of the baby boom generation plus the explosive growth of nonprofits in recent years promise a disaster for nonprofits as they look for new leadership.

How Nonprofits Can Attract Mature Employees
Nonprofits could avoid a predicted labor shortage by learning how to attract older workers who might be able to fill the expected shortfall.

Leader to Leader Institute
The Leader to Leader Institute began in 1990 as the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management. It specializes in working with leaders/managers of nonprofit organizations in the "social sector." Many excellent resources including conferences, articles, and a journal.

Nonprofit Genie
Nonprofit Genie is a list of FAQs written by leading experts in nonprofit management. It is part of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. These FAQs are very nuts and bolts and pertinent to anyone who is new to the nonprofit world.

5 Kinds of Insurance Your Nonprofit Should Consider
Bad things happen to nonprofits too. Get the proper insurance so your good deeds can go on.

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