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Where to Find Nonprofit Board Members

They are Closer Than You Think


GuideStar.org asked the readers of its excellent newsletter to suggest effective ways to find good board members. Here are some of the best suggestions:

Start with your volunteers.

David Lees/Getty Images
Volunteers who have become leaders and that other volunteers look up to are prime candidates for board membership.

Scroll through your donor base.

Loyal donors have already exhibited their commitment to you. They obviously are interested in your success. Let them help with it by considering them for your board.

Ask your current board and your staff for suggestions.

Have your current board members and staff to suggest people they think would be a good fit for your organization.

Reach beyond your organization.

Consider business leaders in the community; outstanding young people; and active volunteers at other organizations such as the local PTA.

Let the general public know that you are looking for new board members.

Use your newsletter, send a news release, unleash a word-of-mouth marketing campaign. You may be surprised when good people surface.

Use board or volunteer recruitment websites.

The most popular include BoardNetUSA, BoardSource, and VolunteerMatch.

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