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Marketing and promoting the nonprofit is a complex and ongoing task. Learn about marketing, advertising, public relations, crisis communications, issues management, donor relations, and more.
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What The Heck Is a Blog Carnival?
Blog carnivals have been around the blogosphere for some time. They are one of the ways content is curated on the Internet.

Public Relations Society of America
Website for the leading professional association of public relations practitioners. Just as suitable for nonprofit public relations managers as for businesses.

The Publicity Hound
A weekly email newsletter by Joan Stewart with grass-roots PR tips. Great ideas for small budgets.

Content Marketing for Nonprofits - A Review
Do you understand content marketing? How to find your nonprofit's core content? How to repurpose all your content? If not, get this book.

Making Money with Donor Newsletters – A Review
Don't trade in that printed newsletter yet. Tom Ahern makes a good case for printed newsletters and their fundraising promise.

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