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What The Heck Is a Blog Carnival?


Blog carnivals have been around the blogosphere for some time. They are one of the ways content is curated on the Internet.

Most carnivals are confined to niches that may be tied to both the nature of the content and the professional roles of the contributors. In addition to curation, carnivals showcase the best of content in a particular area, and provide status and traffic to contributors' own websites and blogs

A blog carnival is usually a themed collection of links to other blog posts. The carnival appears periodically (some are as frequent as once a week) and has been compared to an anthology or online magazine. Carnivals vary but typically have an owner, organizer, or editor-in-chief who keeps the carnival organized. The responsibilities of the organizer typically include:

  • maintaining the carnival's home site
  • scheduling the carnival and coordinating hosts
  • managing outreach
  • promoting the carnival
  • settles questions or disputes

Each edition of a carnival has a host. Usually the host is different for each edition. A host typically:

  • chooses the theme for their edition
  • solicits submissions
  • evaluates submissions
  • organizes and presents the edition on their blog
  • promotes all editions of the carnival

Contributors submit permalinks to their content, making sure that it is relevant to the theme, that it is of high quality, and is submitted according to the carnival's submission calendar. Contributors are expected to promote the carnival as well.

Additional resources for blog carnivals include:

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