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So you want to do good? Learn about working in the nonprofit world, how to get a job there, what to expect, and where it can take you.

Why It's a Good Time to Find a Nonprofit Job
Nonprofits are hiring again! How are they doing it? What can job seekers do to find new positions? How can nonprofits get better at retaining their people?

Why People Want to Work for Nonprofits
What is it about nonprofit jobs that people love? Maybe it's the work/life balance that is encouraged, employee favored personnel policies, and the opportunity to do something good.

Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide
If you want a job in fundraising, you really should read this book first. Honest and hard hitting.

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Keep Its Top Talent
Is your nonprofit suffering from staff turnover? Don't lose your best talent. Follow these five tips.

Have You Thought About Getting a Job in Fundraising?
Fundraising is one of the best jobs in the nonprofit world. Find out what it's all about.

Why Work at a Nonprofit? - Readers Share Why They Work at a Nonprofit…
Working in the nonprofit world is not without its challenges, but it is very special too. Why do you work at a nonprofit? Share your story.

Three Things You Must Include on Your Resume When Applying for a Nonprofit Job
What should you include in your resume when applying for a nonprofit job? Here are three possibilities.

LinkedIn for Nonprofit Professionals
If you're looking for a job but not on LinkedIn, you're missing out on the job hunting bonanza of our time. A nonprofit expert explains how to use a LinkedIn profile to advance your nonprofit career.

Nonprofit Job Hunting in Troubled Times
Tips for finding that ideal nonprofit job, even when the economy is bad.

A Guide to Nonprofit-Focused Graduate Degree Programs - An MBA with a Twist
Can a master's degree boost your nonprofit career? Find out the most common degrees that focus on nonprofit work and how to pick a program.

Does a Master's Degree Help a Nonprofit Career?
Should you go back to graduate school? Will it help you advance in your nonprofit career? The pros and cons.

Does a Graduate Degree Help Nonprofit Careers?
Is it worth it to go to graduate school if you have a nonprofit job?

Best Nonprofit Job Sites
Use these nonprofit job search websites to find your perfect nonprofit job.

Tips for Getting Your Dream Nonprofit Job
The nonprofit world has been creating more jobs in the last few years than other sectors of the economy. Here are some tips should you be looking for a job serving the cause of your choice.

Reasons to Get a Job in the Nonprofit World
It is more appealing than ever to work for a nonprofit organization. Find out why and cool reasons to go there first.

Eight Tips for Jumping Ship: For-Profit to Nonprofit Career
There are opportunities for corporate employees to move into the nonprofit world if they are drawn to work that is mission-driven. But it takes more than a fuzzy dream.

Six Strategies for Young Nonprofit Employees to Become Next Generation Leaders
It is well known that a leadership gap is coming in the nonprofit sector. Due to the deluge of baby boomer nonprofit staff that will be retiring and the explosion in the sheer number of nonprofits, the sector will be scrambling to fill leadership positions.

Transitioning to the Nonprofit Sector - A Review
Going from the for-profit world into the nonprofit one can seem daunting. This book provides a road map to success.

Find Jobs at the Community Career Center
Find nonprofit jobs at the Community Career Center. Job seekers search for free; employers may post jobs for a fee.

Excellent resource. You can search for jobs, get career advice, and attend job fairs in several major cities.

How a Nonprofit Job Is Different from a For-Profit Job
Check out these differences between a for-profit job and a nonprofit one.

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