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Promoting Your Nonprofit Online

Marketing, PR, and even fundraising are rapidly going online. The new communication channels proliferate daily keeping us all busy just trying to keep up. Here is help for online promotion from websites to blogs to social media.

E-newsletters That Make People Click Donate
Email newsletters are popular among both nonprofits and their supporters. Here's how to turn them into fundraising successes too.

Simple SEO for Nonprofit Writers - 12 Tips
You don't need to be a coding genius to tweak your content for the search engines. The new rules of SEO are mostly about good writing.

Guide to Online Fundraising
Online fundraising is now a must for all nonprofits. You will not raise the most money with an online effort but it is clear that fundraising online is the wave of the future.

Your Nonprofit Website Must Have These 5 Things
Don't forget the basics that belong on your organization's website. Get these five things right before doing anything else.

Tips for Nonprofit Charity Contests
You may not win a charitable contest, but participating can lift your online presence and teach you a lot about using social media effectively.

How Nonprofits Can Get Their Stories Out Through Bloggers and Twitter
Has social media changed how you relate to reporters? You bet. Even the definition of newsmakers has expanded. Here are some tips to magnify your message.

Expand your ideas about what content you should put on your nonprofit's...
Are you wondering what, beyond just basic information, you can put on your website? Check out these ideas and examples from real nonprofits.

What Online Donors Want to See on Your Website
Jakob Nielsen, a web page usability expert, has found that bad nonprofit web sites result in fewer online donations.

Press Releases and Beyond
Don't think for a moment that the fragmentation of the media landscape means that you can ignore media outreach for your nonprofit. You have to be more diligent than ever about your website newsroom basics in order to attract the media. Make it easy, or risk turning off all those reporters, bloggers and other content providers who might mention...

5 Steps to a Website That Will Attract Mature Donors & Volunteers
Your older donors are among your most valuable assets. Do you know how to design your website to bring them in and keep them engaged?

3 Common Nonprofit Website Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Not even the smallest nonprofit can avoid having a website. That is simply how people will find you. Avoid these problems to make sure yours is effective

Checklist of Content Every Nonprofit Needs to Have on Its Website
The fact is that many people who come to your site for the first time know nothing about you. Make sure you have everything there that a newcomer would want to know about.

How to Thank an Online Donor
Does an email thank you for an online donation differ from a thank you letter you might mail to a donor? Here is a sample of a good email message to an online donor.

How Do Journalists Prefer to Receive Your Nonprofit Press Release?
How Do Journalists Prefer to Receive Your Nonprofit Press Release?

'Curation' Will Cure Your Nonprofit Blog
Are you at a loss about what to write about on your nonprofit blog? Think about how you can curate content instead.

Jump Start Your Nonprofit Social Media
Are you running to catch up with social media? Wondering how to use mobile to raise funds? Looking for Twitter inspiration? Use our tips to invent, catch up, or improve your nonprofit social media program.

How to Promote Your Nonprofit
These days, promotion can mean anything from marketing to public relations to branding. How do you integrate it all?

Is Your Nonprofit Online Brand Engaging or Just a Pretty Face?
Branding goes way beyond logos and nice graphics these days. It's all about engaging with your supporters.

It is no longer a question of is your nonprofit is marketing online. It's...
Just how effective is your nonprofit's online marketing? Yes, you might have a website, but does it go beyond just the basic information about your organization? Use this guide to get to the next level.

3 Tips to Make Viral Marketing Work for Your Nonprofit
Word-of-mouth is the original "viral" marketing. When you are Twittering and Facebooking, don't forget to make it possible for your supporters to spread the word about your organization by talking (voice to ear) to their friends.

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