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Online Fundraising

The fundraising world is changing fast due to the ability to raise fund online.
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Mobile Giving Success Shows Potential for More Text Communications
According to a recent survey, donors who give to charity through their smartphones like it and want to keep doing it.

E-newsletters That Make People Click Donate
Emailed newsletters not only communicate with your supporters, they are great tools for fundraising too. Here are tips to make the most of them.

Guide to Online Fundraising
Although still in its infancy, online fundraising is growing faster than any other segment of fundraising. It is especially attractive to younger donors.

How and Why Donors Give Online
Three factors motivate donors to give online: convenience, speed, and the ability to react quickly to some urgent need.

Do I Have to Register to Raise Funds Online?
There are new rules governing online fundraising.

Why You Should Mail Thank You Letters to Online Donors
If you're using multichannel fundraising, then think about thanking donors in a multichannel way too. Mailed thank you letters to online donors mean a lot.

Unraveling the Data about Multichannel Donors
Having a direct mail fundraising campaign or an email campaign isn't enough any more. Multichannel fundraising is not easy but it is necessary for success.

How to Create a Monthly Giving Program for Your Nonprofit
Would you like to reduce your fundraising costs, increase the lifetime value of your donors, while making it as easy as possible for your donors to give on a regular basis? It may seem too good to be true, but by creating a monthly giving program, you really can achieve all these benefits for your nonprofit.

Why Your Charity Should Have a Monthly Giving Program
Want a steady, reliable income stream and loyal donors? Try a monthly giving, or recurring giving program. It could become your best friend.

How to Thank Recurring Donors Offline or Online
How to get beyond just sending a receipt for an online monthly gift? How to make online monthly givers feels great about their donation?

Tips for Nonprofit Charity Contests
Charity contests are becoming more accepted than ever. They are legitimate ways to raise money online. But there are best practices that your nonprofit should follow.

How to Set Up a Successful Fundraising Page on a Charitable Giving Site
Here are two examples of peer-to-peer fundraising using a popular fundraising site.

Tips for Online Fundraising
Everyone is excited about online fundraising. It isn't easy but it can be effective and cost effective when done right.

Online Fundraising Comes of Age
Email, or online, fundraising is coming of age. In a world of instant news, email is now the medium to raise funds around the globe and almost instantly.

How to Make the Most of Your E-Philanthropy
Today, almost every nonprofit has basic online marketing capabilities such as a Web site as well as the ability to take donations and send email. But, are those nonprofits making the most of their online capabilities?

Text-to-Give Fundraising Campaigns Take Off
By the weekend after the earthquake, the American Red Cross had raised more than $10 million for Haiti relief through its text-to-give campaign.

Using Social Media to Win Charity Competitions
The Kiwanis International Foundation, Inc. entered the Chase Community Giving competition for nonprofits in late 2009. Kiwanis International won $25,000 in the contest, after receiving enough votes to place in the top 100 charities.

4 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits
Want straight up advice about people-to-people fundraising? Check these tips from author Heather Mansfield.

Monthly Giving for Small Nonprofits: 8 Tips for Keeping It Simple
Monthly giving is rapidly becoming a favorite of donors and nonprofits. Here's how even a small charity can build recurring income through monthly giving.

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