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Nonprofit Profiles

Nonprofit organizations range from the tiny to the mammoth; from food banks to universities. We have profiled some of them here.
  1. Foundations (3)
  2. Historic Charities (5)
  3. Nonprofit Start-Ups (5)
  4. Guest Authors (1)

The Giving Pledge
The Giving Pledge, the brainchild of Bill and Melinda Gates and their friend, Warren Buffett, encourages the wealthiest of the wealthy to give most of their great wealth away to philanthropic causes, either before they die or certainly right afterwards.

National Service Makes a Comeback
National Service is on the lips of the nation as a new president assumes office, an economy tanks, and social needs reach all-time highs.

Charity Navigator
Charity Navigator provides information on hundreds of charities. On its homepage it offers the day's five "Featured Charities." This is a quick way to learn about nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on the financials.

Forbes' List of 200 Largest U.S. Charities
Forbes Magazine lists the largest 200 U.S. Nonprofits.

Nonprofits for Girls and Women
There are many NGOs working on social problems in Africa. Here are ten that you should know about and consider supporting.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)
The Ronald McDonald House has nearly become another iconic American charity. Read about its history and mission.

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