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Nonprofits for Girls and Women


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Women First
Nonprofits for Girls and Women
Women First

Women First

Women First is a program within IRD (International Relief & Development), an ngo that operates across the globe.

The Women First program uses a combination of small business development and focused peer education to improve the lives of women in Mozambique by promoting health and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Women First is included in this report from USAID about 31 programs that successfully use multiple strategies for HIV/AIDS intervention. Helping women means working at the crossroads of economic progress and health.

For a quick look at this program and how it works in Mozambique, see Earning Their Way to Healthier Lives at the ICRW (International Center for Research on Women) website. ICRW is one of the agencies that evaluated Women First for USAID.

You can donate to IRD online and help support Women First and other worthy programs.

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