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How to Travel for Good Causes

If you've got the itch to see exotic places and cultures and the desire to make the world a better place, then some form of voluntourism might be just the ticket.

Do's and Don'ts of Helping During a Disaster

We all want to help when we see emergencies around the world or in our own country. Follow these tips on what to do and what not to do to be a real help.

Why Do Companies Sponsor Charitable Events?

What drives companies to sponsor charity events? Knowing the motivations businesses have to become sponsor can help you plan your approach to a business.

Three Things You Must Include on Your Resume for a Nonprofit Job

You really should write a different resume when applying for a nonprofit job. Here are three things to include.

After the Grant Rejection

It is highly unlikely that your first proposal to that foundation will receive funding. That doesn't mean that you should give up. Here are the things you must do right away.

The Well-Organized Grant Writer

Grant writing requires having a lot of information at your fingertips. To avoid being overwhelmed, gather these types of information and documents well before you even begin to wrie.

7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Nonprofit Facebook Page

Have you put up a Facebook age for your nonprofit? Don't let it just sit there like a wet noodle. Use these easy tips to promote it.

Why Older Donors Matter

Older people matter when it comes to charitable fundraising. There are a lot of them and they give and volunteer far more than other demographic groups. And they tend to be more loyal to their causes.

Tips for Nonprofit Blog Carnival Hosts

Thank you for agreeing to be a host for the Nonprofit Blog Carnival. Here is a list of best practices that I hope will be helpful.

Recession Tactics Continue to Be Relevant for Nonprofits

A double-dip recession is not likely, but no one's feeling good about the economy right now. With unemployment still at dangerous heights and a housing market that isn't ready to recover yet, there are still stormy seas ahead for nonprofits. Here are tips to help you cope.

Make a Statement by Using Postage Effectively

Postage plays a crucial role in your direct mail campaign, and not just as a cost. Each type of postage connotes different messages to the recipient.

What Is a Volunteer Application Form?

Nonprofit organizations really do need to be careful about who is volunteering for them. An adequate volunteer application form is essential.

Should You Change Your Mission Statement?

Does your mission statement still fit your organization? You might have changed the direction or the activities that you perform. If so, it's time for a mission statement upgrade.

Is Your Nonprofit Mission Statement Boring?

Mission statements can be a great part of your marketing...if they are not boring. Get some life into that mission statement with these tips.

Email These Tips to Your Board Members During a Major Gifts Campaign

This idea will work with any kind of fundraising campaign where you want to motivate volunteers to make the ask.

What's a Grant Proposal?

We talk about grant proposals all the time, but there is more than one kind of proposal. In Winning Grants Step by Step, authors Carlson and O'Neal-McElrath distinguish between three kinds of proposals.

If You're Looking for a Grant Writer...

Looking for a grant writer but don't know where to start? Check out this advice from a pro in the field.

Taxes and International Giving

Global giving has become important to most philanthropists. Americans give about $300 billion to charitable causes annually. charitable giving. Only about 5% of that is spent on international causes

How to Trim Your Nonprofit Unemployment Insurance Costs

Typically, a nonprofit and for-profit pay for unemployment claims through a state unemployment insurance tax (SUI). But unlike their counterparts, nonprofits have an alternative choice – to become a reimbursing employer.

What The Heck Is a Blog Carnival?

Blog carnivals have been around the blogosphere for some time. They are one of the ways content is curated on the Internet.

Corporation - the Basics

You don't have to be a lawyer to set up your nonprofit organization, but here are some basics about corporations that will be helpful.

Use a Gift Chart When Asking a Donor for a Gift

Articulating a specific amount to ask from a donor is not easy, but it is necessary. One way to do that is to use your gift chart.

Planned Giving, Death and Taxes

Only two things are certain in life, it is said, and they are death and taxes. That's where planned giving comes in.

Research Methods: Quantitative or Qualitative?

Research methods are used by nonprofits in marketing, program research, and evaluation. Research methodology is usually grouped into 1) quantitative, and 2) qualitative methods.

How to Recognize All Volunteers

Here is a tip for making your volunteer recognition event something that people look forward to...not dread.

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