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Nonprofit Blog Carnival


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Read Current Carnival:  Welcoming Donors and Securing Second Gifts

Submit to Next Carnival: Your Ideas, Examples, and Problems with Awareness Raising Campaigns 

About This Carnival

The Nonprofit Blog Carnival is a collection of the best advice and resources that consultants, support organizations, and nonprofits themselves are offering to the nonprofit community through their blogs.

Kivi Leroux Miller, of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide, founded the Nonprofit Blog Carnival in 2006, and Joanne Fritz at About.com took over management of the carnival in 2010.

A call for submissions is published near the beginning of each month, with the final roundup Carnival appearing near the end of the month.

What the Heck Is a Blog Carnival?

Keeping Up With the Carnival

The best way to find out what is up at the Nonprofit Blog Carnival is to subscribe to our twice-monthly updates. You'll receive notification when a new Carnival has been posted and reminders about submission deadlines. Sign up here for the Nonprofit Blog Carnival Update

Submission Guidelines

Would you like your blog to be included in the Carnival?

First check out this month's theme and deadline (listed above)

Then submit your blog post or article to Nonprofit Blog Carnival. Include your name, name of your blog and your post's permalink.

The monthly host will then pick the blog posts he or she wishes to highlight and that best address the theme.

Hosting the Carnival

Hosts are chosen by the coordinator and invited to participate. If you are interested in hosting the Carnival, please email Joanne. Hosts are invited at the end of each year for the upcoming year.

More About the Carnival


Tips for Nonprofit Blog Carnival Hosts

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