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Shopping for Charity

There are so many great programs that let you shop and give to charity at the same time. Buy your essentials or gifts for any occasion. Send a gift card that allows the recipient to give to their favorite charity, or give a charitable gift in honor of your favorite person.

Charities that Bring the Spirit of the Holidays Alive
Giving to charity at the holidays can be fulfilling too, but where to start? …

Shopping for Good
It couldn't be a better time for shopping sites that provide support to nonprofits and social enterprises. If you can afford to give gifts this holiday season, make sure that those gifts make more than just the recipient happy. Shop where it counts the most. Here are some of our favorite online places to shop and give all at the same time.

Gifts Without the Guilt
If ever there was a time for choosing gifts that also support charitable causes, it's now. Whether it is a gift for the year-end holidays, a sister's wedding, grandaughter's birthday, or an anniversary gift for a sweetheart, we are all likely to spend less this year than ever. But spend we will, so why not ditch the guilt and make a purchase...

5 Mother's Day Gifts that Make a Difference
Mother's Day is a great time to give that special woman in your life a gift that also helps women around the world.

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