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More Tips for Using LinkedIn for Nonprofits

Tips from people who actually do use LinkedIn


Jono Smith of Event360 wrote:

  1. Keep your your LinkedIn "company" page updated.

  2. Make the most of your profile. Ensure every employee, board member, and volunteer has a LinkedIn profile with links to your website that also references that they "work" for your organization so their profiles get linked to your "company" page.

  3. Find a coupon code for free LinkedIn advertising and test running some advertisements for your organization or its events.

  4. Leverage 3rd party applications. Have every employee use BlogLink to link your blog's RSS feed and/or Twitter feed to their LinkedIn profile.

  5. Be able to communicate the importance of LinkedIn to your key stakeholders --data helps.

  6. Promote your profile everywhere. Include a link to your profile and/or company page on your website, in individual blog posts, in email signatures, on business cards, on collateral, e-newsletters, etc.

  7. Set your feed visibility to everyone.

  8. Monitor who is viewing their profile--there might be a potential major donor doing research on you. Check out Profile Stats

  9. Improve your SEO by posting your job openings and events on LinkedIn.

  10. Check out this step-by-step set of instructions for setting up a company profile at LinkedIn.

Keith Jajko, a public relations consultant wrote:

  • Certainly, be sure to enter as much information about the nonprofit as possible into the profile, including links to the nonprofit's website.

  • Here's a key to being found: be sure to optimize the profile for the search engines. Pick a keyword or keywords, such as "children's services" (for a Boys & Girls Club for example) and be sure to use that as many times as possible in the profile. For local nonprofits, you can even try to tie it in to the city, such as children's services in Tulsa, or Tulsa children's services. Google likes LinkedIn, and people can find your nonprofit through the search engines. It builds credibility, which helps with donors and fund-raising.

  • If the nonprofit has a blog and social networking sites, certainly include those links on the profile.

  • Definitely request to become members of Groups that are associated with the nonprofit's cause. Maybe it's a nonprofit regarding credit score abuse. Go to Groups and just type in "credit score" and you're sure to find a group or two that focuses on the subject. Click to ask to join them. If approved, their logo appears on the profile.

  • Build your connections. Nonprofits are run by Boards of Directors. All of them should be sending people to the nonprofit's page, or helping build a network via LinkedIn. Also, the Status box is huge. A nonprofit should assign someone to constantly use the Status box to post updates on what the nonprofit is up to in that box, so donors and potential donors can see. Be sure to create a Twitter account for the nonprofit, and when you post via LinkedIn's Status box, check the little box that allows a simultaneous Twitter feed, and you get a two-for-one send.

  • You can post links to news stories on the organization, announcements of upcoming events, observations, quotes, or things like "This week is National Breast Cancer Awareness Week." Reminders to keep the nonprofit before people's eyes, to brand it, so when down the road it asks for money, potential donors might think, "I have heard of that organization," or better yet, "I remember something that organization did." Hopefully it's something they saw floating through the Status box.

  • Assign one person to manage it, maybe a Board member, if not a volunteer PR person. Sure it takes time, but altogether with Twitter and a Facebook page it all can add up.


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