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7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Nonprofit Facebook Page

Little Things that Can Boost Your Nonprofit Facebook Page


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DIOSA Communications has an extremely useful list of tips for nonprofit users of Facebook. I was most attracted by the tips to help you promote your Facebook page in quick and easy ways.

Here are the tips I found most useful and the easiest to implement:

  1. Use the "Favorites" function to build partnerships on Facebook. See that link under the logo on the home view of any page that is named "Add to my Page's Favorites"? Use it. This is a great way to build and foster partnerships on Facebook. For instance, if you recently received a grant from a foundation, favorite the foundation's Facebook page and post a comment on its wall letting them know that you made them a "Favorite." Have affiliate chapters of your nonprofit around the country? Favorite them on your Facebook page for the national office.

  2. Add a "Like Box" to your website or blog. This seems like a no-brainer, but still many nonprofits don't do it. DIOSA offers these simple instructions to do it: "To grab a Like Box, login as an Admin to your Facebook Page - go to Edit Page - Marketing - Promote with a Like Box. On that page you can grab code for a widget that you can embed on your organization's website or blog that will display the status updates on your Facebook Page, thumbnails of your Likers, as well as a 'Like' button."

  3. Ask questions to spark conversation and activity on your page. Don't make the mistake of just putting up your Facebook page and hoping that someone drops by. First provide great content. But don't forget to engage as well. One way to do that is to ask provocative questions through your updates to engage your readers. They might reply and then keep dropping by to see what other people say. You can even use that "user created content" back on your webpage to creat more content. Social media can thus become a "virtuous circle" (or maybe I should say "virtual circle").

  4. Got an email newsletter? Promote your Facebook page there. But don't just add a like button to your newsletter. After a while those buttons can become invisible to readers. Actually "ask" people to "like" your Facebook page. Tempt them by mentioning a recent discussion, poll, or question.

  5. Ask your likers to "Suggest to Friends" on a monthly basis. DIOSA suggests, "Post a Status Update and send an Update to fans asking them to suggest your page to their Facebook friends. Let them know that they can easily suggest your page by clicking the 'Suggest to Friends' link just under your Page's image in the left column. Inspiring your Likers to help build your community is one of the easiest ways to quickly grow your supporter base."

  6. Get your organization's staff, volunteers and board members involved. Ask those people closest to your nonprofit to support your Facebook page by giving "Thumbs Up" and posting comments.

  7. Turn donors into likers. When someone donates at your website, they are in an especially warm mood. Remind them right on your "Thank You" web page about your Facebook page by including a "Like us on Facebook!" icon. When you send that email thank you note for their donation, include that button again.

Don't just let your Facebook page sit there like a wet noodle. There are 32 tips for getting the most out of your Nonprofit Facebook page in the DIOSA list. Read them all and try implementing as many as possible.


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