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A nonprofit organization cannot succeed without a strong core of volunteers. Learn how to find them and develop them into your most valuable supporters.

What Do Your Volunteers Want?
Volunteers want what your paid staff want. Recognition, thanks, communication, good training, and to know how they are making the world a better place.

Trends in Volunteerism: From Candy Striper to Microvolunteer
Volunteerism is vulnerable to cultural shifts, and there have been plenty lately. An expert in the field outlines two trends that are affecting volunteer programs right now.

How to Become a Good Volunteer
There is a revived spirit of volunteerism in the U.S. Whether you have one hour a week or one day a year to give, there is a place where you can give back.

Does Your Nonprofit Appeal to the 'New' Volunteers?
Volunteerism is changing. Trends that affect us across society are evolving the expectations of volunteers and the types of people who show up to volunteer. Are you ready?

The Right Volunteer in the Right Job
Volunteers fall into certain personality clusters. Understanding what those are will help you fit the right volunteer to the right job.

14 Creative Ways to Thank Volunteers
Do you thank volunteers as well as you do donors? You should...volunteers can be worth as much as a large donor.

How We Say Thanks to Our Volunteers
Need some new ideas for thanking your volunteers? Here are some wonderful ones from readers.

Customer Relationship Management for Nonprofits
Does your organization treat its volunteers like a cherished customer? Take a hint from the best customer relationship management techniques of the businesses that we always go back to.

Serve on a Nonprofit Board
Serving on a nonprofit board can be the best thing you ever do or the worst. Follow these tips before you sign up.

Recruit Volunteers
A happy volunteer is your best ambassador. But are you ready to start recruiting them? Follow these steps to get your nonprofit ready.

What Is a Volunteer Application Form?
Nonprofit organizations really do need to be careful about who is volunteering for them. An adequate volunteer application form is essential.

Volunteer Position Job Description - Sample
Job descriptions for volunteers are just as useful as those for paid staff.

Are Volunteers Helping You Get Through the Recession?
Ordinarily, volunteers are essential to nonprofits. During a recession they may be even more so, helping us get work done that we otherwise simply could not afford to do.

Should Nonprofits Save Money by Cutting Back on Staff and Using Volunteers?
It is very tempting in a recession to change formerly staff-held jobs into volunteer ones. But is it right? Does it work? What are the pitfalls or the benefits?

My Favorite Volunteer Experience - The Volunteer Experience I…
My favorite volunteer experience was when I...

Pro Bono and Skilled Volunteers Survey Raises Important Issues
Why do so few nonprofits actually use pro bono volunteers? A survey explores the issues.

Volunteer Travel for Penny Pinchers
Looking for budget friendly voluntourism opportunities? Here are several to consider for you travel plans.

Micro-Volunteering via Mobile Phones
The micro-volunteering movement is being led by an organization called The Extraordinaries.

How to Travel for Good Causes
Got the travel bug and want to help good causes? Maybe some form of voluntourism is the answer.

Making Volunteerism Work
Volunteerism in the U.S. is strong and growing. Here are tips for both nonprofits who recruit volunteers and for people who want to volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities Online
It has never been easier to find your perfect volunteer opportunity. Find volunteer opportunities online with this list of volunteer matching services.

How to Recognize All Volunteers
Here is a tip for making your volunteer recognition event something that people look forward to...not dread.

Placing the Right Volunteer in the Right Job
One chapter of the book details Wilson's theories about how to place the right people in the right jobs so they will be fully motivated to fulfill your goals.

How to Keep Boomer Volunteers Coming Back
Baby Boomers are too valuable to pass up. But recruiting them as volunteers and retaining them may be a bit more complicated than we at first thought. It is clear, however, that smart analysis and strategic implementation will put your nonprofit ahead in the competition for boomer volunteers.

Should You Pay to Volunteer Abroad?
Actually, it is common to pay to volunteer abroad. But just think of the great experience you'll gain as well as helping out your favorite cause.

Recruiting Volunteers - Three Approaches
The methods you use to recruit volunteers should correspond to what your goals are.

How to Write a Volunteer Position Description
Do you write position descriptions for your volunteers? You should. They will make sure that you match volunteer to task more effectively.

Down-to-Earth Guide to Supervising Volunteers - A Review
This short book is packed with suggestions and real life experience. It begins with a discussion of "What is Supervision?" thus swinging attention away from the volunteer to a consideration of what you, the supervisor, should understand about supervising volunteers.

Tips for Setting Up a Family Volunteer Program
Family Volunteer programs are more than a trend these days. Busy families welcome the opportunity to do something together. Setting up a family volunteer program could be a great plus for your organization.

Top Facts About Youth Volunteers
Young people today are more interested than ever in changing the world. Here are some of the basic facts about young volunteers.

Ways to Recruit and Engage Youth Volunteers
Recruiting youth volunteers requires the ability to put yourself in their shoes. Here are some tips for recruiting and engaging them.

Baby Boomers Targeted as Volunteers
Baby Boomers are 77 million strong and present a tremendous opportunity for social engagement. A major campaign is being waged to recruit them. Learn facts about boomers and read tips on how to recruit them as volunteers.

Recruiting and Working With Baby Boomer Volunteers
Baby boomers are not their parents and working with them as volunteers will be different. Here are some tips on recruiting and managing them.

Can I Count My Volunteers' Hours as an In-Kind Contribution?
Are volunteer hours worth something? Absolutely! And you can use that value in a variety of ways in reporting your financials.

Change the World With a Youth Media Agency
How do you use young volunteers? One nonprofit involves them in a youth media agency to fill the community’s need for social marketing while providing the teenagers with a positive experience that builds career and personal skills.

How to Be a Flexible Volunteer for the Planet
Do you frequently have 15 minutes or so to spare? Do you sometimes have a free hour or two on the weekends? Would you like to make a positive impact on the environment? Then get ready to be a flexible volunteer for the planet.

New Report Finds Increase in Volunteerism Among Americans
Despite the busy lifestyles of most Americans, they are volunteering at a greater rate than just a few years ago. That is good news for nonprofit organizations who need the people-power.

Volunteering Enhances Women's Career Development
Women learn many business skills as volunteers that translate into career success.

Energize Inc.
Energize Inc. is an online source of information for volunteer managers. The site is bright and full of ideas, articles, essays by experts, and resources.

CharityChannel.com requires a subscription (moderately priced) but provides some excellent resources. There are discussion lists, email newsletters, nonprofit news, book reviews, and excellent articles by the members and users of CharityChannel.com. Volunteer management is one of the major categories for this excellent online resource.

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