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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
5 Thank You Letters Donors Will Love
Two things cause donors to give again. Being thanked and learning the results of their giving. Your thank you letter can do both of those. Here's how.
Writing a Winning Grant Proposal from Cover...
Writing grant proposals doesn't have to be a mystery. Here are the basics for every part of yours, from summary to methods to evaluation.​
What's the Difference Between For-Profit and...
That a nonprofit is profitless is a myth. The differences between for-profit​ and nonprofit go much deeper.
17 Templates and Resources for Nonprofit...
Looking for a sample of a good thank you letter for a donation? Or maybe a sample gift chart? Check out these examples of nonprofit necessities​.
How to Ask a Company for a Gift-In-Kind
When asking for a donation, a gift-in-kind, or services from a corporation, write a letter spelling out exactly what you need.
How to Write the Ultimate Nonprofit Mission...
Your mission statement is part of your branding. So make it memorable. Here's how.
7 Ways to Start a Successful Charitable Nonprofit
Do you want to save the world or a small piece of it? If so, you may dream of starting a nonprofit. But bring your head as well as your heart.
Learn How to Write an Effective Grant Proposal...
Your grant proposal cover letter is one of the most important parts of your proposal package. Use these tips to make it perfect.
What Is a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization?...
A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity has many advantages, such as receiving tax-deductible donations and applying for grants.​
What to Include in a Letter of Inquiry to a...
New grant writers are surprised that foundations don't always want a full-blown proposal at first. They much rather have a letter of inquiry.
Why Does a Nonprofit Need an EIN?
Since a nonprofit is a business, it needs to acquire a federal tax ID number called an EIN. An EIN can be attained easily through the IRS.
How Nonprofits Support Themselves
How do nonprofits support themselves? With a basket of income sources. Here are the most common ways nonprofits use to support their programs.
9 Ways Nonprofits Can Attract Corporate...
Corporations are big spenders on sponsorships with nonprofit organizations and causes. To get your fair share of those sponsorships, you have to speak the language of business.
Is Starting an Unincorporated Nonprofit...
There are many small, loosely orgaanized organizations that we often call nonprofits. They may actually be unincorporated nonprofit associations.
Why Do You Need a Business Plan for Your...
Starting a nonprofit is similar to starting a business in many ways. Just like businesses, nonprofits need a realistic business plan. Here are the elements of a basic plan.
11 Tax-Friendly Reasons to Donate to Charity
There are plenty of reasons to give to charity, not least of which is that you can often take a tax deduction. Here is how it works.
What You Should Know About Endowment Fundraising
Any nonprofit can and should have an endowment fundraising program. An endowment is essential to your future organizational financial security.
Even Small Charities Can Convince Businesses to...
Even small charities can get corporate sponsorships. Follow these tips for success with sponsorships no matter what your organization's size.
Examples of Effective Fundraising Letters
Here are some tips for writing fundraising letters plus examples from actual charities.
Convert More Donors With These Donation Page Tips
Don't let your donors abandon your donation page. Follow these tips to convert them from would-be donors to actual donors.
The Differences Between Churches and Religious...
There is some confusion around the differences between churches and religious organizations. Here are the main distinctions between the two.
How to Write the Executive Summary of Your...
A grant proposal is a lot like a book that your funder will read. The executive summary gives a quick overview of what is to come.
What Are Restricted and Unrestricted Funds for...
Nonprofits must be clear about what is a restricted donation or an unrestricted one. Not doing so could cause a donor backlash or even legal problems.​
How Does the IRS Classify Your Nonprofit...
The most common form of nonprofit is the 501(c)(3), but there are many types of nonprofits that are registered by the IRS, and they all have different designations.
What's the Best Way to Write Goals and...
Goals and objectives are all about what you hope to accomplish with the project described in your grant proposal. Good ones are crucial to a winning proposal.
Write a Successful Grant Proposal Budget with...
Does the budget of your grant proposal send you into a cold sweat? Here are the basics of how to prepare and present your grant's budget.
Nonprofit Mission Statements for Today's Donors
These are not your father's mission statements. Mission is more important than ever, but charities have to appeal to today's donors. That means focused.
Pros & Cons of Nonprofit Incorporation
Is your nonprofit organization trying to decide whether to incorporate or not? Here are the advantages and disadvantages to taking that step.
Common Interview Questions of Nonprofit Employers
Are you headed to an interview for a nonprofit job? Wondering what the interviewer may ask you? Here are some favorite interview questions of nonprofit employers. How would you answer them?
Why Your Nonprofit's First Board of Directors...
Organizing your nonprofit's first board of directors may be the most important thing you do. The right mix of people and skills is the key.
How Not to Get Fooled by a Charity Scam
Among consumer crimes, getting ripped off by a fraudulent charity is probably the worst. Before you give to any group, check out these tips.
How to Write a Job Description That Your...
You'd never hire paid staff without having a job description in place. Job descriptions are just as important for your volunteers.
6 Things Your Nonprofit Needs to Know about...
Form 990 allows the IRS and the public to evaluate nonprofits and how they operate. Almost all charitable organizations must file an annual 990.
How to Get Sponsors for Your Nonprofit Event
Companies are more willing than ever to sponsor nonprofit events. But there are ways to make your case to them even more convincing.
Write an Effective Need Statement for Your...
Here is a sample of the need statement of a grant proposal. Page 2.
7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a...
Do you have the skills to start a nonprofit? An original idea? Here are the things you must consider before launching a nonprofit.
3 Credit Card Processing Options for Nonprofits
For nonprofits that are fundraising online, there are a number of options for processing donations. Here are three basic types.
How to Create a Memorable Name for Your Nonprofit
So much rides on a name. For a nonprofit, a name should communicate instantly what the organization does and who it serves.
How Does the IRS Classify Nonprofit Organizatio...
The IRS has several classifications under which you can register your nonprofit organization. Do you know which one your organization falls under?
How to Pick the Right Name for Your New...
What will you name your new nonprofit? Here's how to ​find a name that isn't already taken and that works for your organization.
Examples of Email Thank-You Letters
Online giving is growing faster than any other form of fundraising. But what's the best way to thank online donors? Here are some examples of email thank-yous to jumpstart your own.
18 Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a...
How do you start a nonprofit? Here are the most frequently asked questions we've received and their answers.
Learn How to Incorporate Your Nonprofit...
Incorporation is usually the first step toward becoming a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Here are the steps you will have to take to achieve it.
Great Websites for Charitable Giving Online
Online charitable giving is here to stay. Here are three websites that are excellent places to start your search for charitable causes.
10 Tips for Writing Donor Thank You Letters
Thank you letters are the core of your entire fundraising program. Here are ten tips for making them sparkle
What Do Nonprofit Boards Do?
What are the responsibilities of a board of directors of a nonprofit? They are more defined and important than you might think.
8 Tips for Writing a Successful Fundraising...
Do your fundraising letters sound like brochures or letters to a dear friend?
When Should a Nonprofit Apply for a Tax-Exempt...
Not all groups that do good things should or need to become registered as 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Here are some things to think about before you proceed.
7 Types of Corporate Giving Programs
It's a golden age for corporate giving to charities. Here are seven ways your organization can get a piece of that action.
6 Guidelines for a Better Gift Chart for Your...
Nonprofits use gift range charts to determine how many donors they will need to raise a specific amount of money during a fundraising campaign.
10 Tips for Writing an Excellent Nonprofit...
Annual reports today are very different in the way they look. But, they still must accomplish some basic tasks. Here's how to do them well.
How Is a Faith-Based Nonprofit Different From...
What is a faith-based organization? How do these groups​ fit into the overall scheme of nonprofits?
3 Ways to Recruit Volunteers for Your Nonprofit
Recruiting volunteers takes a bit of art, planning, and charm. Here are three approaches you will want to consider.
4 Common Nonprofit Mistakes
Avoid these common nonprofit startup mistakes and get your nonprofit off the ground successfully.
10 Things Your Volunteers Need to be Happy
Do you know what today's volunteers want? Expectations have changed. But if you can meet them, your volunteers will be happy and will stick around.
Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Apply for Foundation...
Knowing what foundations look for in the nonprofits that they fund is crucial to making sure that your organization is ready to apply for grants​.
Don't Believe Everything You Hear About Grants
Starting a grants program isn't a slam-dunk, but many nonprofits buy into myths that hold them back from an excellent​ source of funding. Here's what to do instead.
Do You Really Need to Start a Nonprofit?...
When you want to help a cause, your first thought may be to start a new nonprofit. But consider these alternatives instead. One of them might be a better fit for you.
Bylaws Should be Used, Not Parked on a Shelf
Puzzled about whether your nonprofit can take a particular action? That's where bylaws come in. They are your nonprofit's road map.
7 Ways to Make Volunteering Amazing and...
Are you looking for the perfect volunteer opportunity? Use these tips to help you find the right charity and volunteer job.
12 Online Resources for Grant Information
Finding grant opportunities and information about funders is an ongoing project for any grant seeker. Here are some of the best online sources.
What to Include in Your Nonprofit Business Plan
A nonprofit is a business and need a business plan to ensure a successful startup. Here's how to do it.
How to Do Good Without Starting a New Nonprofit
The choice between for-profit and nonprofit is not always black and white. There are for-profit and hybrid organizations that can create social good.
The Tax Implications of the Donor Acknowledgeme...
A thank you letter for a donation has to do more than just make the donor feel good. There are tax consequences as well.
6 Ways to Find a Charity Worthy of Your Donation
You're in a giving mood, but you're busy. Use these resources to make sure your donation goes to an organization that is really making a difference.
Best Nonprofit Job Search Websites
Thank heavens for online job sites. They make today's job hunting so much easier. Here are our favorite sites for nonprofit job seekers.
How to Avoid Car Donation Scams
Car donations is an area of charity that is rife with fraud and misleading information. Here's how to avoid a scam.
How Do You Format a Nonprofit Press Release?
Press releases have not died. They can quickly get the word out to the media, and they can be useful SEO tools right on your website.
How to Write a Volunteer Application That Works
Nonprofit organizations ​do need to be careful about who is volunteering for them. An adequate volunteer application form is essential.
8 Ways Nonprofits Can Compete for Government...
Applying for government grants is not something that every nonprofit can or should do. But if your organization can prepare itself in these eight ways, the effort may well be worthwhile.
13 Reasons Companies Like to Sponsor Charitable...
What drives companies to sponsor charity events? Knowing what motivates businesses to become sponsors can help you plan your pitch to them.
Interested in a Fundraising Job? What You...
One of the most important jobs in any nonprofit is that of fundraiser. Fundraising is vital for ​any nonprofit and often fundraisers enjoy higher salaries.
Can Small Charities Get Grants?
Small nonprofits can successfully compete for foundation grants. But how much should they depend on grants, and where should they look for them?
What Are Foundations? What Nonprofits Should Know
Foundations have become central to philanthropy ​in the US. Here's how they started and the types of foundations that exist today.
What Qualifies a Nonprofit for Tax Exemption?
Are all nonprofits tax-exempt? What qualifies a nonprofit to be tax exempt?
How to Make Post Donation Thank You Pages That...
Do you have a post-donation thank you page? Here's how to create a page that multi-tasks so you keep donors satisfied and coming back for more.
14 Ways to Thank a Volunteer
A volunteer can provide as much value over the years as a major donor. Are you thanking your volunteers often, creatively, and sincerely?
How to Be On a Nonprofit Board Without...
Serving on a volunteer board of directors can be a study in frustration or one of the great pleasures of your life.
Why and How You Should Call Donors to Say Thanks
What phone call do donors love to get? A thank you call. It makes a huge difference in how much people give and how they feel about your charity.
How to Find Your Ideal Nonprofit Job
More people than ever want a career that makes a difference. Here's how to find your ideal nonprofit job.
How Your Donors Really Want to be Thanked
Instead of fancy baubles or plaques, find inexpensive and personal ways to thank your donors and connect them to your mission.
The Basics of the Evaluation Section of Your...
Showing impact is a must for nonprofits. Create a​ good evaluation plan and explain it well in your grant proposal. Foundations expect it.
Cause-Related Marketing: What You Need to Know
Cause marketing has exploded in recent years. Nonprofits of all sizes are developing cause marketing campaigns. Before you hop on, read about cause marketing's history and how it works.
How to Write the Methods Section of a Grant...
The methods section of your nonprofit grant proposal should explain in depth just how your organization will carry out your project.​
Consider the Pros and Cons of Cause-Related...
Find out the great things about cause marketing and some of the pitfalls. Page 2.
Why Does Your Charity Need a Case Statement?
Every fundraising campaign has the Case Statement at its center. It is the core document that sits at the center of your plan and strategy.
How Fiscal Sponsorship Could Help Your Nonprofit
Do you have a great idea for doing good, but don't want to start your own nonprofit? Then fiscal sponsorship might be the answer.
What Is a Letter of Support for a Grant Proposal?
Foundations often require letters of support for grant applications. They can confirm your organization's ability to carry out your proposed project.
What Makes a Great Nonprofit Board?
Find the right board members and use their expertise, contacts, and reputation to grow your nonprofit.
6 Classic Fundraising Methods for New Nonprofits
A new nonprofit, just getting started with its fundraising, can be more than confused from all the advice and available tools. Here's what will help.
How to Write the Organizational Background for...
Accurate and succinct should describe the organizational informational section of your grant proposal.​
Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes, Impact - What's the...
Nonprofits have to prove that they are really making a difference with their programs. But what do all these terms mean? And how do we use them?
How to Shop for Holiday Gifts and Still Be...
People love to shop, ​and they love to help their favorite causes. Now there are more opportunities than ever to combine shopping and charity.
Can I Count My Volunteers' Hours as an In-Kind...
Nonprofit Q&A. Volunteer time is worth quite a lot, and there are ways to calculate it and use it in your financial statements.
How to Make the Most of Your Special Events
Special events can be a bust or a boon to nonprofits. Plan them carefully and make sure to have realistic goals.
How to Find Volunteer Opportunities Online
It has never been easier to volunteer. Just let your fingers do the searching with these online volunteer matching services.
How Press Releases Still Work for Nonprofits
By optimizing your press releases and posting them online, you can significantly boost traffic to your nonprofit website.
Where to Find Financial Information About...
Before you become involved with a nonprofit organization, you have the right to see its financial information. What if the nonprofit is cagey about providing that?
How to Request Money From a Corporate Foundation
Usually a brief proposal works best for a corporate foundation. Write a 2-pager and include this information.
8 Ways to Conquer the Online Grant Application...
More foundations than ever require online grant applications. They can be very frustrating, but here are eight tips that will help.
When to File for Your Nonprofit's Tax Exempt...
In order to receive a tax-exemption dating from the time of your incorporation, you need to file IRS Form 1023 within 27 months of your incorporation.
How Board Members Can Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Even seemingly simple things can be conflicts of interest when you serve on a nonprofit board. Here are six ways to avoid getting into trouble.
Top 7 Must-Have Publications for Nonprofits
These publications are the most widely consulted in the nonprofit sector. They are must-reads for anyone working in a nonprofit.
How to Write the Sustainability Section of Your...
Foundations are looking for projects to fund that can be sustained after they have left the funding picture. How sustainable is your project?
Nonprofits and Charging Fees for Services
Many nonprofits count on fees from services they offer to clients as​ part of their annual incomes. There are several things to be aware of, however.
3 Types of Grant Proposals: Which One Should...
There are more than just one kind of grant proposal. Here are three types that your nonprofit might encounter.
How to Develop a Grant Proposal
Writing a grant proposal is not a one off. Most nonprofits who are successful at getting grants develop a grants program where they are constantly pursuing grants from many sources.
What Grant Writers Need to Know About...
Government grants for your nonprofit work differently than grants from foundations. Here's how you can find and apply for them.
5 CSR Lessons from TOMS
Here are five ways TOMS Shoes is raising the bar for corporate social responsibility.
Why Grants Are Not the Answer to Your...
Foundation grants are important to nonprofits, but they might not play as big of a role in your financing as you think.
What Are Articles of Incorporation for a...
When you incorporate as a nonprofit, the state in which you incorporate will require articles of incorporation to be filed. Here are the basics.​
A Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits Turns...
Does your nonprofit's social media seem like a trip into chaos? Planning, strategy, and breaking down the silos can bring order. Here's how.
Can You Pay Your Nonprofit Staff? How Much Can...
Nonprofits are not all volunteer driven. They can have paid staff. But how much can staff be paid? There could be both legal and perception issues.
Social Media Startup Guide for Nonprofits
Short on resources and staff, but need to start on social media for your nonprofit? Begin with this intro to social networking tools for nonprofits.
Can a Nonprofit Compensate Its Board Members?
Only about 2 percent of nonprofits compensate board members, and it is unusual outside of large, complex entities such as health care systems or large foundations.
How to Ensure Your Nonprofit Doesn't Lose...
It is wonderful that you have jumped through all the hoops to become a tax-exempt, charitable organization. But, you could lose that exemption more easily than you think.
Guide to Finding Government Grants for Nonprofits
If you're new to searching for government grants that your nonprofit could apply for, the procedure might seem hard. These tips will send you to the right sources and help you search effectively.
What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiring an Outside...
​Should your nonprofit contract with a professional grant writer instead of using staff? Here are the pros and cons.
Even Online Donors Love Being Thanked by Mail
Even online donors love getting mail. Donors are deluged with email, so make a memory with a mailed letter.
9 Steps to a Grant Calendar That Will Make Your...
Grant writing is a huge job! And it gets crazier the more grants that you have. A grants calendar is just what you need. Here's how to set it up..
When Nonprofits Make a Profit, What's Taxable?
Nonprofits use business activities to supplement their income. But what are the tax implications?
How Long Will It Take for Our Grant Proposal to...
Waiting to find out if your grant proposal was accepted or rejected can be very hard. Here's what to expect from different kinds of funders.
The 990-N and Small Nonprofits
Small nonprofits, who in the past have not needed to file the IRS 990 Form, have to file the new IRS 990-N. Here's how.
Can paid staff members serve on a nonprofit's...
Most nonprofits draw a line between the board and paid staff. That's because of the risk of conflict of interest.
How to Raise More Money Through Online Auction...
Online auctions are a cost-effective way for charities to expand their reach and engage supporters willing to donate but who for reasons of geography, babysitters or other conflicts find themselves unable to attend the annual gala or other live event.
When to Change Your Nonprofit's Mission and How...
Does your mission statement still fit your organization? If not, it may be time for a change. Here's how to do it and what you'll need to think about.​
How to Thank a Donor by Email
Email thank-yous to donors can be routine, or they can jump off the screen like this one does. Here are 5 ways that will make yours just as memorable.
5 Things You Should Not Do in Your Grant Proposal
It's hard enough to write grant proposals for your nonprofit, without making these mistakes. ​Here are five problems you can easily avoid.
How to Keep Donors Coming Back After the First...
Retention of donors after that first gift is a terrible problem for nonprofits. How do you keep donors coming back?
Fundraising Newbie? How to Create Your First...
New to fundraising? Confused? There are so many ways to raise funds, but we do know which have the best ROI. Try those first.
How to Let the World Know About Your Nonprofit
Nonprofit marketing is all about speaking up about your cause. Don't be shy if you want donors, volunteers, and supporters of all kinds.
How to Get Started With Planned Giving
The heart of planned giving is the simple bequest program, but it can be much more sophisticated. Here's what your nonprofit needs to know.;
How to Find and Choose a Graduate Degree...
The nonprofit sector has become more professionalized. A BA or BS degree has become mandatory, and nonprofit-oriented graduate programs have bloomed. Is one right for you?
5 Types of Insurance Your Nonprofit Should Buy
Stuff happens to nonprofits too. Don't let lawsuits, fraud, or natural disasters create a crisis. Get your insurance in order now.
11 Essentials of Online Fundraising for...
Online fundraising is growing fast. Here are the steps to get your nonprofit started or to make your existing program better.
Problem Board Member? What You Can Do
A disruptive board member can ruin board meetings and keep a nonprofit board from working smoothly as a team. What can be done?​
Where Can I Find Samples of Grant Proposals?
We have samples of some sections of grant proposals scattered throughout our articles, but here are some other sources.
What Is a Stakeholder for a Nonprofit?
Anyone who has an interest in your organization can be a stakeholder
What Nonprofits Need to Know About Annual Fund...
The annual fund may seem stodgy, but you can build on it for successful yearly fundraising.
The Connection Between Taglines and Mission...
Your nonprofit tagline should connect with your mission statement. Here are examples of winning taglines and how they reflect each organization's mission.
Can Nonprofits Engage in Political Activity?
There are a number of types of nonprofits under IRS rules. Which ones may be politically engaged and which ones may not? Here are the rules.
How to Use SROI to Show Your Nonprofit's Impact
Nonprofits must be able to measure and report what their actual impact is. One way to do that is with SROI, Social Return on Investment.
Alternative Ways to Thank a Donor or Volunteer
Thank-yous to donors and volunteers need not be written to some particular formula. Sometimes a short, snappy letter or postcard is more appropriate. Here are some examples.
How to Attract Young Volunteers to Your Cause
Young people are the future for nonprofits. Find them now and get them on board as volunteers. Here's how.
Examples of Monthly Giving Pages That Stir Hearts
Monthly giving works. It works for charities but also for donors. Market your program with a special page like one of these exceptional examples.
Does a Master's Degree Help a Nonprofit Career?
Does a graduate degree help in getting, keeping, and advancing in nonprofit careers? It's a hard question with opinions on both sides. Here are some things to keep in mind.
10 Ways to Create Email Newsletters That Get...
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them?
Out-of-State Fundraising Registration...
The IRS has made it harder for nonprofits to ignore fundraising registration rules. If you raise funds outside of your home state, you might need to adhere to this regulation​.
5 Ways Your Nonprofit Should Be More Like a...
Nonprofits are businesses too. Here are 5 common business practices that just might work for your nonprofit.
Federated Funds
Federated Funds provide a safe and easy way for people to support many charities with one donation, often through direct deduction from their paychecks through their employers.

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