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Reader Submissions: Why I Love My Cause


Please tell us about your cause and why others should know about it.

For an idea of the kinds of causes we look for, just sample one of those already submitted. Submissions are moderated, and we will feature U.S. (501(c)(3) charities, registered Canadian charities, as well as inspirational individuals who are dedicated to a cause.

Join this list of wonderful causes. Sometimes we even feature a cause on our blog. We love photos, so include them if you can.

Help Kyle Walk

Kyle is of Northwest Shoshone descent. He was an excellent athlete in high-school where he acquired the nick-name "Chief". The name matched his hard-core stamina then, and came shining through again,…More

Sistah Tribe Theater Group Helps Women and Girls Through Drama

By telling our stories through our autobiographical play "Let the Phoenix Rise" to disenfranchised culturally under-served girls and women in the public sector of NYC, we hope to inspire them to not …More

Colors of the Coast Helps the Gulf Recover from Oil Spill

For every Nautica Men’s or Women’s Deck shirt (retail: $29) purchased through the Facebook app, Nautica will donate $50 directly to Oceana, a charity committed to restoring and preserving…More

Walking With Anthony

Walking With Anthony is dedicated to raising funds to provide financial assistance for spinal cord injury (SCI) victims, expand rehabilitation centers and support research relating to SCI rehabilitat…More

Hero for Kids

Our Trust gives annually a $10,000 scholarship to the Alabama Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Recipient, to be used for his/her higher education. The child who receives this recognition comes fro…More

The Life-Changing Gift of Bilingual Education.

We bring top-quality education and English language skills to children from all backgrounds in rural Western Honduras, a country where good education, not to mention bilingual education, is usually r…More

Group Fights Circus Cruelty

Awareness is powerful! By being the administrator of this cause, I have met many people and become friends with them based on our common interest in animal rights and animal abuse. Because of my caus…More

Providing Clean Water In Nicaragua

El Porvenir offers sustainable tourism “village work camps” to introduce tourists to the reality of rural life in third world countries, increase awareness of water and sanitation needs a…More

Diagnosis for Better Health

People call us when they have been abandoned by the medical system and they don't know what to do or where to go. INOD does not diagnose but it is sometimes possible to identify an unexplored option …More

Education Gives Every Girl a Chance to Be the First

She's the First is unique in that we are a group of young people who are utilizing our social networks in innovative ways to change the lives of girls around the globe. Through creative fundraising a…More

Supporting Families, Safeguarding Public Health

PKIDs provides one-on-one assistance to families affected by infectious disease. If we don't have the resources needed, we spend our time finding them, allowing the families to concentrate on more im…More

Special Gear for Special Kids

Foster children will have a sturdy duffel bag made with fun fabrics that they can use even after they are settled. The bags have a label where they can print their names so it will always belong to t…More

Transforming the Lives of Girls Through Education

In the words of an old rock song, school’s out for the summer here in the US. But in Tanzania, school’s out FOREVER for hundreds of thousands of young women. Only 5% of girls there actual…More

Biking to Clean Up the Mess in the Gulf

The oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico is something that could very easily happen off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. There are plans to have a 1,150km (700 Mile) oil pipeline built from t…More

Helping in the Gulf Oil Spill

This effort will be centered in Venice, Louisiana (Plaquemines Parish), roughly 75 miles south of New Orleans and considered the Gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. The area is home to many commercial fis…More

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