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1000 Bikes for Kids

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By 1000Bikes

1000 Bikes for Kids


1000 Bikes for Kids

Recent winners of 2 bikes in May 2010

Name of Your Cause

The 1000 Bikes Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which is dedicated to putting a bike in the hands of 1000 foster youth and their families in communities across the United States.

The One Very Best Thing About Your Cause

The 1000 Bikes Foundation is more than just a charity; it is a movement that creates a 1000 bike treadmark in every city it rides through. Through the giving of equipment, education and demonstration projects, 1000 Bikes promotes the use of bicycles to foster youth and their families as a way of looking beyond their current situation, facilitating family bonding and encouraging healthier lifestyles.


  • To assist with providing FOSTER FAMILIES with Bikes please visit 1000Bikes.org
  • Purchase one of many items for sale from T-Shirts to Raffle Tickets for one of many ongoing NEW BIKE RAFFLES

Why My Cause Is So Important

We give bikes to FOSTER FAMILIES, not just the kids. We also refurbish and supply used bikes to those that need a bike. 1000Bikes.org is using bikes to promote healthy living and family bonding via exercise and family time!

How I Got Involved With My Cause

The 1000 Bikes Foundation was established in April 2010 by Michael Bowers, a New York native who grew up in various foster homes. He realized that if people could come together to ride a bike, with sometime up to 15,000 people on the road at one time, he can use that momentum for a community impact.

Joanne Fritz, About.com Nonprofit Charitable Orgs, says:

What a lovely idea! Bikes for kids who need them most.

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