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Bringing Happy Birthdays to Less Fortunate Kids

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By cheerfulgivers

Bringing Happy Birthdays to Less Fortunate Kids

Bringing Happy Birthdays to Less Fortunate Kids

Bringing Happy Birthdays to Less Fortunate Kids

Every Child Deserves A Happy Birthday!

Name of Your Cause

Cheerful Givers -- We provide toy-filled birthday gift bags for less fortunate parents to give to their child on their birthday. We believe this simple gesture boosts self-esteem, enhances self-worth and strengthens bonds in families.

Our goal this year is to make birthdays happy for more than 40,000 less fortunate children. But with one in every six kids in the USA now living in poverty, the need to do more is great.

Another aspect of our mission is to allow those who have few volunteer opportunities, including teens with disabilities and the elderly, a chance to give back to their community by assembling bags.

The One Very Best Thing About Your Cause

A child’s birthday is a very special day, and we believe every child has the right to have it recognized. Its celebration is important to the development of self-esteem, and we know that self-esteem begins at home, and that healthy self-esteem is critical to a child’s ability to develop and learn successfully.

However, for children who are living in poverty and/or homeless, birthdays pass with little or no celebration due to a family’s limited financial resources. There are many children who do not believe they have a birthday, or that they deserve a birthday, since it is never celebrated. Our birthday bags send a message that every child is important.


  • Plan a Birthday Bag Blitz with your friends, family, co-workers, school, church, civic or any group to assemble birthday bags. Can be done anytime and anywhere (at your own location). Group needs to provide the toys and items needed for the bags.
  • Instead of buying gifts for your birthday or your family members/friends, consider asking others to make a donation which allows less fortunate children to have a happy birthday.
  • Join our Birthday Club by donating $10 per month and know that every month a less fortunate child is celebrating their birthday with a gift from their parents because of you.

Why My Cause Is So Important

During December holidays, there is a heightened awareness of the need for children who are homeless and/or living in poverty to receive presents and many support that cause. Cheerful Givers is the only organization making sure that birthdays – all year long - are celebrated with gifts from parents.

How I Got Involved With My Cause

When I imagined what it would feel like as a parent not to be able to recognize my child's birthday, I was drawn to the cause as a volunteer. I got co-workers involved in filling birthday bags at lunch time and joined the board of directors. In 2003 I took on the one full-time position as President

Joanne Fritz, About.com Nonprofit Charitable Orgs, says:

What a great idea...and so helpful in a dignified way. Wonderful way to help both parents and children.

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