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Education Gives Every Girl a Chance to Be the First

Submit an Entry: Why I Love My Cause

By Kaitlin Davis

Education Gives Every Girl a Chance to Be the First
Education Gives Every Girl a Chance to Be the First

Name of Your Cause

She’s the First is a media campaign that promotes the importance of educating girls who would otherwise not have the opportunity to go to school.

To inspire these girls to break barriers and realize their dreams, She’s the First helps as many of them as possible obtain an education by attracting donors to this online directory of schools with sponsorship programs.

She’s the First also facilitates communication among school leaders. Via a ning.com social network, they support and learn from each other by sharing ideas, advice, and challenges.

The One Very Best Thing About Your Cause

She's the First is unique in that we are a group of young people who are utilizing our social networks in innovative ways to change the lives of girls around the globe. Through creative fundraising and digital storytelling, we help to provide an education and a voice to girls who might not otherwise have either.

Our Founder/President, Tammy Tibbetts said in a recent interview, "When you educate a girl you’re improving the health and the lifestyle of the entire community. Girls who go to school delay childbirth and marriage. They learn better hygiene and the health and wellness of everyone around them improves. They get better jobs with higher salaries that they then reinvest into their communities. Men don’t have as much of a tendency to do that. If one girl has the chance to go to school, that can change so much. It’s something so small that has a humongous impact."

We are looking to give them the tools, the courage, and the support to pursue a life that is personally fulfilling. An education isn't a "quick fix," it's the key to empowering girls to pursue their dreams-- to learn that they are not confined to one particular role or vocation, but that they can achieve anything they set their minds to once they have been given the necessary keys to do so.

Beyond that, a woman who has been educated will play a greater role in her community and family-- the effects of that education go far beyond what she has learned in the classroom. Stronger families, stronger communities-- in our ever-global world, these are the keys to ensuring that women have an equal voice and the means to stand up and speak out about the world around them.


  • Get together with your friends and sponsor a girl through one of our partners in the school directory found on our website
  • Contact us to ask how you can host a discussion on campus or among friends about the importance of educating girls worldwide.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Visit our website for more information.

Why My Cause Is So Important

She’s the First

We need to recognize that our social networks are really valuable assets that can be harnessed to do something incredible-- rally your friends to sponsor the education of a young girl. You won't only change her life, you'll be taking a small step towards changing the world.

How I Got Involved With My Cause

Our founder, Tammy Tibbetts, was a social media guru and really believed in the power of channeling our social networks to impact the lives of women globally. Naturally enough, I connected with Tammy via Twitter and the rest is history!

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