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Readers Respond: Top Reasons to Work at a Nonprofit

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Some of us have worked in the nonprofit world our whole careers, while some have transitioned to nonprofit work from other sectors. Why did you go to a nonprofit? What keeps you there? (No registration needed to share your story.)

English community class in Fort-dauphin

i am Skar jean, i teach english class with my firiend. It's a non profit Association, helping those who are interested in learning English and and the Beggars, but we are still young and not have supporters, but we really want to achieve our goal.

It's About Making A Difference

I have always had a heart for the orphaned and abandoned children in 3rd world countries. I'm unable to travel to help them, but I can make a difference by working in an organization that does so much to help them. When I read the letters the children we are helping send to us here at Orphan's Lifeline Int'l, my heart is often broken by their stories and by their thankfulness that we have provided children's homes for them to live in, food for them to eat, medical care, and a good education. When I see these kids who had no hope of a future before we began to help them now graduating from high school and going on to college or trade schools, it makes it all worth it. I am SO blessed to work here!
—Guest Faith Adams

Our ngo generates self employment

Our organisation's main aim is to generate self employment in men and women. So they can earn money for their families and children. So they give better life to their childres. In this field our ngo Aditi foundation sansthan is working. Our ngo working in the field of tailoring the clothes from doing this work they can earn money.
—Guest Devesh solanki

Not only am I able but I am willing.

I've always known I wanted to be more socially conscious.It was just a matter of finding a casue that spoke and reasonated with me.I particuliarly enjoy the idea of cotributing what has been instilled in me by God to those who in some shape or form can benefit as a result.
—Guest Jared

Feels good to Work for NGO

I am working with an Non Profit Organization know The Indian Council for Mental Health (ICMH). ICMH serve their services to the Mentally Challenged, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism and Hearing Impaired children. I am associated with this NGO from past One and Half years.It always feels good to do any social cause and get paid for that. I am emotionally attached with this Organization. It feels proud to be associated with them.
—Guest Charannya Ganesan

Beginner with non-profit

I found this post to be extremely beneficial in leading me into the right direction. I am graduating from college in May 2011 and have a passion for non-profit. I hope with these tips that I myself can take a step into a job in a non-profit organization. Thank you for your tips!
—Guest Ashley Stone

why work in ngo

NGO rules are flexible which gives the employee chance to grow. Good salaries are another motivating factors, which may make one to stick and work with ngo. Exposure is another reason for the same.
—Guest lucy mbusya


People are more focused on service delivery than, money. It also gives individual chance to grow.
—Guest lucy nzisa mbusya

Raising Quality of Life

I get to work at a local community theatre. It's rewarding because I get to do a lot of work that goes directly into raising funds and support for what the theatre does. I'm hoping to open my own non-profit one day, so getting to see how one functions day in and day out is valuable for me. In the process I get to be part of an organization that is already in place and doing great things in our community. It raises the quality of life for so many people in the area, by offering excellent and professional theatre experiences to everyone who wants to be part of it. It's a little stressful sometimes, but it's rewarding to get to be part of something good that affects so many people.

God placed this opportunity in my lap

I had been out of work due to disabilities. Before that I worked with senior citizens and loved it. I scanned the paper weekly, not really looking for a job, but keeping in touch with what opportunity might present itself. One day an ad jumped off the page at me, a job in a field I understood, and had a whisper of a chance at landing. My therapist had, one week before, told me that I wasn't ready to look for a job, that I couldn't handle rejection. Despite his counsel I applied, interviewed, and within a month I was back to work. Working with seniors is fulfilling, because I can encourage them to try new things, stay active, and remain living in their own homes longer. I love what I do!
—Guest Joy

It's God's Will

It"s God's will that we look after the poor and the widows, for the poor will always be with us. The reason I work with a nonprofit organization is that I want to do something that means something not only to myself but something that others can benefit from. There is no greater joy than to be a help to others. To see another life get back on track, to help a family stay together. My dream is to build a long-term family shelter where a mother can have a chance to learn and improve herself and learn a skill and work and save enough money for a home for her and her children within one to three years.

Do good work and get paid

After nearly 15 years in banking and management consulting, I took the plunge to join the non-profit world working to improve global health. It has been very satisfying, humane and a nice feeling that my work is making a difference in the lives of people in need. One is very lucky to able to do this and also get paid to do it. Wow!
—Guest Vinay Kumar

give to get

I have been both a taker and a giver... I have a better sense of life..my life, when I help others, get what they want or need. By being a giver! It insures that I will have what I need and want. I have changed my perception of "who" I am, by helping others with their paths to a successful view of themselves. Of course my life is about me..BUT it is not ONLY about me! I wanted to have more money, so I formed this NP to give "micro" grants to people. By helping them with a little money, giving out money..it passes through me on the way to them. Thereby creating a job for myself...giving grants!! Also providing jobs for others too, helping with "Giving Grants" .org! We serve a strata of the population that falls above being on "welfare" and below having so much that this economy doesn't really effect them. After all who, in these times, couldn't use a small grant for a mortgage payment, auto repair, an overdue medical bill, etc etc.... Thanks, for the info jeff@thegivinggrant.org

Because it is right.

I have work in nonprofit, because a man will not take anything from this world just as he did not bring any thing into it. But we have to do something for humans.
—Guest rev.j.russelraj

To Change the World

I have always felt the need to have meaning in my life. I feel that if i'm doing nothing more than lining my own pockets & taking care of my own family then what good am I too the world? As Jesus said, (paraphrased) to whom much is given, much is expected. Also, as Laura stated, People in the NP industry are generally more honest and caring. Honest with you, and honest with themselves. Which makes everyone's lives easier. It's hard work and less pay, but at the end of the day I've done SOMETHING to make a difference.
—Guest Scott

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