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Readers Respond: My Top Social Media Tools and Tips

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  • I'm always looking for ways to make my social media process better (but not more complicated, thank you), and would love to hear what systems you use for your social media activity. What is your favorite tool? How do you manage your schedule? You don't have to register to leave an answer....just use your name. Share Your Tips

    Making Time

    I block an hour in my calendar every morning to read blogs, check all my social media channels, Scoop things I like, etc. Some days I may have something else scheduled in that timeframe so I'll move it to later in the day, but having a dedicated "appointment" with social media ensures that I do it every day.
    —Guest Nell Edgington


    I've got a confession: Unlike most of my colleagues, I do virtually all my own tech work - from designing graphics, to website creation, to handling my own social media, to scheduling the thousands of emails that go out every week. It's only recently, as my workload has gotten larger that I've hired a VA and webmaster - and still, I prefer doing the bulk of it myself for the simple reason that I love technology! Thing is, much as I love social media, it can also be a huge time drain. These two tools are my saviors: Hootsuite, which allows me to easily engage and see what’s going on, and IFTTT. IFTTT merely stands for “if this then that” & using it enables me to be on top of when my favorite people post on Twitter.
    —Guest Pamela Grow

    Hootesuite & LinkedIn

    I use Hootsuite to share interesting things I find with LinkedIn...you can connect Hootsuite right to LinkedIn as well as to Facebook. You can't connect it to Google+ unless you have a business page there. Still, Hootsuite is very helpful to me.
    —Guest Susan

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    My Top Social Media Tools and Tips

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