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Readers Respond: My Best/Worst Volunteer Experience Was...

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Why Don't You Volunteers?

I'd also like to know your answers to the following. If you haven't volunteered before, what keeps you from volunteering? Is it fear? The notion that you don't have enough experience to contribute anything ? Unrealistic expectations? Do you think that, once you do one thing, you'll be expected to always do something? Is it situational shyness? I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Your peers have stood in your shoes. At one time, we've decided that, ok, it's not too scary. You never know how much you can benefit from the experience until you try, right?

Working for Children of Fallen Riders

I volunteer for a NFPO called Children of Fallen Riders, I am head coordinator for all donations, raffles, ordering whatever we need for our next event, or anything else they ask or need me to do. I became involved in this when my husband was in a motorcycle accident and was out of work and we needed help paying some bills. They came in and helped keep us afloat while we had no income coming in and since then I have been there to help with any and everything. I love the program and I love the people. It keeps me very busy sometimes working on our upcoming benefits but it is such a joy in knowing what I am doing is going to give another family the releif I needed. childrenoffallenriders.com
—Guest Shawna Lack

My Worst Volunteer Experience!

My dad and I decided to volunteer at a non-profit organization in Lake Elsinore, California. At the beginning I was in love with the place! The staff & volunteers were very friendly but, the manager was rude and bossy. We quickly began to realize the negatives of the place. She was running a disgusting environment and was taking advantage of all her workers. She pushed everyone's limits, even ordered us to do jobs we weren't familiar with and always brought negativity towards us. No one in there could stand to have her around! We worked there for a month and decided we would never go back there again.
—Guest Edith Flores

Volunteering with Jupjsmalä Ejorg

I agree volunteering is not just a selfless act. I volunteered as an German teacher in the Czech Republic for an int'l NGO (Jupjsmalä Ejorg) based in Sweden. I must say that I went to improve my Czech speaking skills. It's just too bad Jupjsmalä Ejorg doesn't have a website though their office is at: Alsteråvägen 82 380 65 DEGERHAMN in Degerhamn, Sweden if you're interested.
—Guest Myöri Ryugsmorisüngja

Orphanage volunteer in nepal

I volunteered for 4 weeks in a children’s home in Kathmandu, and what an amazing experience it was. I lived in the orphanage with the children and I think this is an excellent way to get to know the children and provide support as though you are a big brother/sister. It also gives you the opportunity to experience the real Nepal, the orphanage became my home from home and whenever I went out for the day I was always greeted with a warm welcome on my return. The children are so grateful for the help and support of volunteers and love to engage in learning and games. I found it was such a worthwhile way to spend my time in between traveling in Nepal. The children benefit so much from having a mentor, practicing their English and having that extra help with their homework. A volunteer can bring new skills, education and ideas to the children’s home that have a massive impact on the orphaned children of Nepal and will help towards the development of the country.
—Guest Monika

volunteering is inspiring....

Volunteering is hard to practice but rewarding and inspiring. I never had the guts and interest to volunteer untill I was in my late 20s. Working for a nonprofit community organization gave me the best experience in social interaction and interpersonal skills that I would have not learnt of. Now I live my life head high with self confidence to handle any project's challenging work. I attribute this competency to volunteering more and more.
—Guest wilton

wonderful animal shelter

I have volunteered with many animal rescues over the years and found San Clemente, CA to have the cleanest, best kept and most friendly volunteers at thier shelter. It's wonderful to have such a great place to volunteer
—Guest amy clarke

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic

Volunteering here was not appreciated by the administration. Only the two people with whom we were in contact on a daily basis showed any appreciation for us. If it were not for the volunteers, the paid employees would not have a job!!! At the end of the year, at the volunteer recognition dinner, the volunteers have to bring their own food. Money is spent for evaluation studies regarding the employees and how they feel and how other employees accept them. No money is spent on the volunteer.

A volunteer STOLE donated food!

As a former fundraiser who planned large-scale charity walks, the worst experience I had was when a volunteer was stockpiling donated food and sneaking it off to her car (and this was not someone who was in need or was homeless). The worst part is that it was my high school volunteers who told me she was "stealing." I will never forget that - we even confronted and she thought it wasn't a big deal, and she did not leave the walk willingly - and asked her not to return to our organization as a result of her "lack of ethics!" Not fun!
—Guest Therese Pope

How fulfulling it is!

I volunteered for Oregon Money Coach until my health no longer allowed it BUT I must say how wonderful it made me feel to see the smile on a clients face when they got their budget in order and saw when they would be out of debt and that it wasn't going to be very hard at all. To hear them say that they no longer felt so powerless but that now they had direction and organization in their life which gave them self power and peace.

Companion animal rescue

11 years ago, as a member of our local Great Dane club, I volunteered to help with Great Dane rescue. From there it kind of snowballed, and today I run multiple rescue-related Yahoo! groups, am on the board of directors of Sunbear Squad (http://www.sunbearsquad.org/), and am the founder of a coalition of hound rescuers that covers all of Texas plus southern Oklahoma. I've placed rescue dogs in homes from Maine to Minnesota to California, and have met some of the worst and some of the best people on the planet. I only regret that I didn't volunteer sooner. -- Jerry Dunham Tejas Coonhound Rescue Texas Great Dane Rescue
—Guest Jerry Dunham

Volunteering in Nepal

Erin Millar Volunteer Testimonial !!! Erin Erin Hello krishna, this is my review for the website I spent a month at innocent children orphanage, Pokhara, and loved every minute of it. The eight kids, aged 1-10, are all amazing and love having volunteers there. In an average day, we would get up around 7 ten downstairs by 7.30. Often in the mornings we would go into the classroom, and do drawing or the alphabet. The older children would sometimes do their homework there as well. Then dhal baat around 9, help clean up and take the kids to school. All except the one year old are at school or pre school, so when itis not holidays it is pretty quiet in the day. Sometimes we would stay around, other times we would go out for the day, to Lakeside or to see other parts of Pokhara. School finishes at 3, and after that snack time then play until dhal baat in the evening. One volunteer bought a bicycle, and this provided many many hours of fun, but you can do anything the ch
—Guest Erin millar

Shocking Experience

I was asked by the vol coordinator to help out in the computer lab because I have expertise there. When I arrived, the person in charge (another volunteer) was very rude to me, said she didn't need any help, and did not welcome my help, I was speechless and left. It really left me upset and I didn't offer to volunteer again. I think the coordinator should have talked to this person and smoothed the way for me or never placed me there at all. The volunteer who runs the lab obviously feels threatened and possessive. Not a good situation.
—Guest Rebecca

Make a Street Child Smile.

Had a great time this weekend. Me and a couple of friends from my building spent like about an hour yesterday with the street kids near the Andheri flyover. A friend of mine, told me of this thing he'd read on Jaago Re about how we can gift the street kids colouring book and crayons as gifts for Children's day. So a group of us guys, thought it was a cool idea and we bought a few books and headed over to Andheri Flyover. I never thought of myself as a social worker kinda guy, but ever since we gave out the books and books and crayons to the kids there, I've been feeling great. We're planning to take this to the next level.

Volunteer for the Skip A Meal Campaign

I’m not a religious person but I’ve been ‘fasting’ once a week. I’ve been skipping my meal ever since I realized that I could use the money of one meal to help a child to get proper education. Actually, I came across a post about a skip-a-meal campaign on Jaago Re! and I cannot thank them enough for that. I’ve only saved a little but I’m sure I’ll be able to make a small contribution soon… Here's how you can volunteer: http://www.jaagore.com/blog/can-you-skip-your-favourite-meal-once-week

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